Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Spot Me gadgets for conference connections

From the Never Eat Along Blog:

Consumer Electronics Assoc. economist Shawn DuBravac pointed me to this report on a cool gadget used this past summer at the World Economic Forum in Tokyo to facilitate more connections between attendees.

The Spot Me gadgets that the World Economic Forum is distributing to participants are incredibly cool. The size of a small PDA, it has the complete schedule and list of participants programmed into them, but the neatest part is its radar function which checks the surrounding area and tells you who is sitting near you. Plug in the people you want to talk to, and the thing will buzz when one of them are in your range. Send messages to them, set up appointments, awesome. I had heard about a similar function that was used unsuccessfully as a dating-match service, but gizmos like this seem infinitely more suited towards business networking.

Link: Spotme | Conference Navigator

All offline networking should be so connected.

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