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Pass this around to your friends and consider printing it out for your friends who don't have computers as these scams are done via regular postal services as well. ... About
This Web site was created by the National Consumers League (NCL), the nation's oldest nonprofit consumer organization, as a central source of information and advice about fake check scams. NCL created the site in collaboration with the Alliance for Consumer Fraud Awareness, a coalition of consumer and business organizations, government agencies, and companies that are committed to fighting fake check scams.

I get bombarded with these scams in my inbox. I know it is tempting to comply, but it is a slippery slope.

Eric Standlee

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid .......

I had to share this:

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Who said this?

Josef Stalin? Karl Marx? Fidel Castro?

(1) "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."

(2) "It's time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and for the few, and to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity."

(3) "(We) can't just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people."

(4) "We have to build a political consensus, and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own turf in order to create this common ground."

(5) "I certainly think the free-market has failed."

(6) "I think it's time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector in (the) entire economy - that they are being watched."

Now you might think these were the famous words of the Father of

communism, Karl Marx.

And you would be on the right track in thinking so.

But you would be wrong.

These pearls of socialist/Marxist wisdom are from non other than

our very own, home-grown Marxist. . . .

Hillary Clinton!

Comments made on:
(1) 6/29/04
(2) 5/29/07
(3) 6/4/07
(4) 6/4/07
(5) 6/4/07
(6) 9/2/05

Be afraid, Be very afraid!!

Eric Standlee


Monday, September 24, 2007

One Laptop Per Child -- XO Giving

One Laptop Per Child -- XO Giving

Thank you for your interest in One Laptop Per Child. Our mission is to provide a means for learning, self-expression and exploration to the nearly two billion children of the developing world with little or no access to education. While children are by nature eager for knowledge, many countries have insufficient resources to devote to education—sometimes less than $20 a year per child. Imagine the potential that could be unlocked by giving every child in the world the tools they need to learn, no matter who they are, no matter where they live, no matter how little they may have.

If you'd like to donate an XO laptop today, simply click the donation button on the right, above the photo. A donation of $200 will pay for and deliver one XO laptop to a child in a developing nation, $400 will pay for and deliver two XO laptops, and so on.

Starting November 12, One Laptop Per Child will be offering a Give 1 Get 1 Program for a brief window of time. For $399, you will be purchasing two XO laptops—one that will be sent to empower a child to learn in a developing nation, and one that will be sent to your child at home. If you're interested in Give 1 Get 1, we'll be happy to send you a reminder email. Just sign up in the box to the left and you'll receive your reminder prior to the November 12 launch date.

Once again, thank you. We sincerely hope you'll join our growing community of people working to create a connected, educated, enlightened future for the world's most essential resource—its children.
I know that there are more pressing things like orphanages, but this intrigues me.

Eric Standlee

some extra inspiration

salesquotes by
from: Eric

This is very good.

"Behold the turtle. He only
makes progress when he
sticks his neck out."

James Bryant Conant (1893 - 1978)
American chemist and university president

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

5 steps to a huge network on LinkedIn

With over 60,000 connections in Houston and growing every day, I don't plan on running out of people to schedule lunch or coffee with.  This is the key to building a large and vibrant network.  Here are 5 steps to make your linkedin experience a good one and the first step to many social networking site successes.

Go to and:
1. join
2. create a complete profile
3. add you email to your last name field on your profile
4. add your website(s) on your profile
5. join and add your information there. This will place you in front of thousands of people and give you tons of free exposure.

Prospered not to increase my standard of living, but to increase my standard of giving,

Eric Standlee

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Special Invitation From Eric Standlee


Eric thought you would be interested
in generating lots of traffic to your blog with a new
service that just launched - BlogRush.

BlogRush can help you drive tons of traffic to
your blog on an ongoing basis, but you need
to HURRY as there is a definite advantage to
being an early adopter of this amazing service!

Get all the details with your special invitation link:

* If clicking on the link doesn't work, try copying
and pasting it into your browser.

Best Regards,

The BlogRush Team

Check out this YouTube Channel!

YouTube Broadcast Yourself™


ericstandlee wants you to check out this YouTube Channel:


Message from ericstandlee:

I had to share these music videos by a friend who has some serious talent.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Episode 19 is in the can with Tim Darnell

Listen to the new episode of our podcast that just got added to the player on our sidebar at or you can subscribe to at

Tim covers a powerful business and personal wealth concept about how to stop paying mortgages, banks and credit cards high interest rates and start paying yourself.

Thanks Tim for a powerful call,

Eric Standlee

New Podcast Episode

Please check out my new podcast episode with Rick Reece. It's in the player on the sidebar or at

Be blessed,
Eric Standlee

Do you listen?

Just got this in a letter from

12 questions to help you gauge how well you listen and where you might need to improve.

Are you ready to listen?

Take the quiz

Eric Standlee

Google Gears (BETA)

Install this and you will have gmail off-line too.

Eric Standlee

Google Gears (BETA) is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality using the following JavaScript APIs:
Store and serve application resources locally
Store data locally in a fully-searchable relational database
Run asynchronous Javascript to improve application responsiveness

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fwd: Austin, Houston "Big Al" Workshops + great prospecting tip ...

I am going to this, you want to come?


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Sep 10, 2007 11:18 AM
Subject: Austin, Houston "Big Al" Workshops + great prospecting tip ...


Tom "Big Al" Schreiter here.

Two quick announcements ....

1. When people register to start their own business, most
   times the records are public. You can go to the local
   government building and get the details of anyone
   starting their own business.

   These are great prospects. They are entrepreneurs.

   But don't contact them immediately. Only contact those
   people who registered their business about a year ago.

   Why? Because the first few months they are enthusiastic
   about their business. But that enthusiasm wears off when
   they see how much overhead, government forms, and
   problems traditional businesses have.

   So when you contact them a year after they started,
   they are more open to network marketing and the ease
   of our business.

2. I'll be teaching training workshops on how to
   sponsor more people quickly in Houston and Austin,
   TX  on Wednesday and Thursday, September 26 and 27.
   If you attended previously, you will enjoy the new
   skills this time :)

   Please tell your downline and networking friends to
   take advantage of these workshops. They are a great way
   to learn new skills, new things to say, and to find out
   the best places to find new, hot prospects who want to

   You can register online and get more information at:

   Here are the locations:

      * Houston, TX
            September 26 (Wednesday), 7pm to 10pm
            Holiday Inn Select Greenway
            2712 Southwest Freeway
            Houston, TX 77098

      * Austin, TX
            September 27 (Thursday), 7pm to 10pm
              Keller Williams Training Center
              9430 Research Blvd. (Echelon IV, 1st Floor)
              Austin TX 78759

   For more information and to register, just go to:

   Have a great day and I hope to see you at one of
   the workshops.


   Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

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Houston, TX 77289
Phone: (281) 280-9800

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Eric Standlee
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"Posture is hard to get when your taught,
but when around those with it is easily caught."

"Prospered not to increase my standard of living,
but to increase my standard of giving."

"Many, many people avoid Giant Slaying.  
Worse - they don't even  know certain Giants exist.  
Those who are not accomplishing  much in life don't have to worry about Giants."
Tim Darnell

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Direct access to the Daily Audio Bible

Share this with anyone who would like to listen to the daily audio bible. I use it to go there everyday to listen to the Word.

Mindset Notes

This was too good not to share:

We estimated our expected tithe. It was unusual, but we estimated the amount of income we wanted for the next year. Then, starting in January, we tithed on that amount monthly. (We estimated the income, divided it by twelve, and tithed that mount). Guess what? At the end of the year that amount of our business profit was exactly what we had estimated.

The next year we increased our estimated income, and we tithed on that increased amount each month. That year, the same thing happened; we made that income. The third year, we increased the estimate again. But something went wrong. We blew a fuse! We made far more profit than the estimated amount.

God surprised us. He is wonderfully exciting. Over the years, He has surprised us again and again.

We are saved by faith. We are healed by faith. We get answers to prayers by faith. Our finances are blessed because of faith. God blesses our homes and families because of our faith.

As my friend, the late Dr. Edwin Cole, once said, "Faith never limits God, and God never limits faith."

Don't allow low expectations. Lack of expectancy is evidence of little faith. Faithlessness is irreverent. The element of expectancy is the basic DNA of faith. Things seen are temporary and subject to change.

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." II Cor. 4:18

Faith is not 'trying' to believe; faith never 'tries'. Faith speaks. Faith commands. Faith expects. Faith receives. Faith refuses to compromise. Faith praises. Faith doesn't waver. Faith wins!

From "Millionaire in the Pew" by Don Ostrom


Eric Standlee

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mail Clients like Outlook are DEAD

Listen to our latest audio on the podcast player on our website. Leo and his guest discuss the death of the mail clients like outlook and why web mail clients are much better.

Eric Standlee

see the player on the right sidebar of this blog (

This clip in the top slot on my player at originally aired on episode 32 of Windows Weekly at called Neener Neener.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Seeking: Podcast Guests

If you have questions about some of the following topics and you'd be interested in "appearing" on an episode of crusaderx podcast, please email with the questions and a good time and number I can call you at to connect you to our podcasting system to record the 20-40 minute calls.

Topics I can think of that you might want some help with:

1. social networking
2. blogging
3. podcasting
4. networking offline with online connections/friends
5. technology questions
6. marketing questions

I look forward to your questions and answering them on the podcast. If cannot get all of you on the episodes, I will be glad to answer them in this blog too.

Eric Standlee
Recovering Geek

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pluck is putting social networking on regular media sites

If you haven't visited a larger media site in your area like Houston Chronicle at lately, you may not have noticed that you can create a profile and post comments.

This is another way for you to make it easy for others to find you.


Fuser – Simplify your online life

This sounds great. As soon as this fuses plaxo, linkedin, and my other social networking sites too it will be a perfect tool.
Fuser – Simplify your online life: "Welcome to Fuser Fuser is the coolest way to unify your mail from multiple accounts. View your mail and social networking messages in one convenient location. It's easy and secure."

meet new people whenever you want for coffee

Okay, meeting strangers can sound dangerous and weird, but I have been doing it at Starbucks and Panera Breads for some time at will.

Don't you agree that your ministry, business, and life in general could be much better if you met at least one new person a day?  Didn't Tim teach on that?  Hasn't Mike Napoli been on an AMM call about that lately?

I may not be able to fit it in every day because schedules just don't work out that way, but let me tell you how I have met with a ton of new people.

It involves and I am sure that 50% just tuned out.  But, if you can learn some simple tricks on you can have 2800+ professionals connected to you too.  That would be fine with me because there is no way I would be connected to the exact same people and if we are connected that would grow my network too just like connecting with me adds nearly 3/4 of a million new people at least to your network.

What does this mean?  In LinkedIn, you can ask questions of your "network" that get answered.  So, I asked my 6 million person network if anyone in Houston wanted to sit down for coffee.

I got responses out the wazoo!

You ought to try it.

Talk about a good way to practice what Tim talked about on the AMM: complement schnazzy dressers and dress well yourself.  Then you can add what Tim and Mike talked about on the last AMM: be the greatest conversationalist by asking about family, occupation, recreation, and money without an agenda.

Blessed to be a blessing,

Google has added video uploading to Blogger

Now you can do even more with your blogger blog:

3, 2, 1, Action!
Today we are releasing video uploading to Blogger! This feature allows you to upload videos and create a video podcast with the same ease that we currently provide with photo uploading.

When you go to the Blogger post editor, you'll see a new button () next to the image uploading one. Just select a video from your computer, wait a few minutes for the upload and processing to occur, and voila! Now when you visit your blog, you will see something like this (of course without Tomo, the Blogger Akita):

To learn more about video uploading and see an instructional video on how to create a video podcast, go here.
— Tina [8/24/07 11:32 AM]

Houston Speed Networking Event

There is a serious need for a Houston City-wide business speed networking event.

I sat down with some professional networkers recently in Houston via my connections on LinkedIn and heard about speed networking for the first time.  It is kinda like speed dating but not speed dating.

There is a definite need for a regular event like this.

I am willing to regularly meet for now at the Panera @ Cutten and 1960 in Northwest Houston every Monday morning at 7:30am for the foreseeable future.  And, if that time and place don't work, I am willing to meet at other times and places around Houston until one event sticks and starts working.

Come on Houston!  Let's get together and network.

If you want to know more, let's connect.  Go to and invite me to connect to you.  Follow the instructions to "add Eric to your network" and I will most definitely connect with you.

I personally believe that like Ferrazzi said in Never Eat Alone, your network is like a muscle not a pie.


Eric Standlee
713.690.8877 x205

"Posture is hard to get when your taught,
but when around those with it is easily caught."

"Prospered not to increase my standard of living,
but to increase my standard of giving."

"Many, many people avoid Giant Slaying.  
Worse - they don't even  know certain Giants exist.  
Those who are not accomplishing  much in life don't have to worry about Giants."
Tim Darnell

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


It is fun to let visitors see their mark on a map on your blog, and this is easy to add to any blog.
"With you get to see exactly where your site visitors are from - live! Our maps update themselves on your site without having to reload the whole page. That's right, ditch your static map service and try ours."

Eric Standlee

Monday, September 03, 2007

Video and Widget Measurement

Video and Widget Measurement

I am now using to get detailed stats on a large portion of my sites. I highly recommend it.

It is F R E E like I like it.

Eric Standlee

Saturday, September 01, 2007

3/2/2 Two Story Patio Home in the great area of Champions in NW Houston

Share this with anyone you know.
More Info and Pictures

Eric standlee