Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ideas for expanding your network of connections

I was thinking about how to expand the network of people I know and reading "Never Eat Alone".  I think these ideas are helpful for those wishing to start a business or get a new job.

  1. To make a good impression on decision makers you meet, "volunteer your time to a nonprofit organization they're involved in, or aid in publicizing a school fundraiser their kids are involved in."
  2. "Create a company-approved project that will force you to learn new skills and introduce you to new people within your company."
  3. "take on leadership positions in the hobbies and outside organizations that interest you."
  4. "spend time with peopl who are doing the jobs you'd like to be doing"
  5.  "enroll in a class at a community college on a subject that relates to either the job you're doing now or a job you see yourself doing in the future."
These should help you meet new people, and the more new people you meet the more opportunities you will garner.

"Are you making the most of the connections you already have?"

** All quotes are from "Never Eat Alone" by Ferrazzi

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