Wednesday, October 25, 2006 - Brilliant Alliance Marketing

This is a great cause.  We need an orange for orphanages, and a blue for compassion like programs, and a white for Christian companies' products giving back the kingdom...

Maybe you've seen the shirts on Gap ads or the new red phones from Motorola or the smoking hot red iPods from Apple. They're hot - and they're for a cause. One of the 12 Steps in our Results Revolution marketing program advocates the use of alliance marketing - riding the coattails of a national advertising campaign, joining with a nonprofit or partnering with another local business that targets your customers. With this campaign, national brands are linked together for a common cause - Product RED. And it's a raving success. You have to "join" on the Product RED web site to be "notified" of product availability.

How can you support this cause in your small business? or another national cause? This one is hot - and Christmas is a great time to see RED.

Not if I beat you to it... <grin>

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