About Eric Standlee

Funding B2B commercial companies from start-up to $6MM plus a month in funding needs.
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Former USAF Cryptologic Linguist Chinese Mandarin
Recovering Geek

Eric Standlee, Principal and VP of Business Development and Bank Relationship Development with family owned Houston private funding firm American Prudential Capital, Inc., founded the on-line/off-line community InHouston which meets once a month every second Wednesday in Uptown Park. InHouston has grown from 6 people in February 2008 to 400+ at the meeting by June 2009. On-line the group on LinkedIn and their own social network TheInHouston.com has grown to larger than 20,000 members and is part of the InCity Networks which is starting similar groups around the world.

Eric has helped his family’s funding firm increase sales by more than $30 million in monthly numbers utilizing what he knows about social networking sites like LinkedIn. He speaks regularly at two or more venues about “Driving Revenue using Social Networking”. Eric is currently the host of internet “radio shows” including The Everything Networking show available for download free from iTunes. He has written and published a book on Amazon called “Alternative Funding” and is currently writing 4 more business books to come out soon. Eric‘s family’s private funding firm provides funding to growing commercial b2b companies.

Eric is also the founder of three acquisition holding companies in: Oild Field Services, IT Services, and Staffing. His most recent startup is Shale Oil and Gas Placement a division of InCity Placement LLC.

Just Recently Eric Standlee and Mitchell From founded Everything Talk Radio, LLC which is a talk radio network including shows like Everything Networking. See more at http://EverythingTalkRadio.com

Eric Standlee was running 9 businesses when he saw a new business project for the first time. He didn't have time for another business. He needed another thing to do like he needed another hole in his head.

One of his businesses has funded thousands of businesses and billions of dollars in 23 years. In three holding companies, he is buying 100-150 businesses in the next year to year and a half. 

But he fit it into the cracks of time he could find because what he had learned was that residual and leveraged income were two powerful concepts. He got started and in a little over 4 months was able to reach a position that pays more than the top of other compensation plans. 

In four months he was able rise to a position which maxed out well above  the residual income he had from all of his other businesses combined. More importantly he was able to see many many of the people in his team earn checks too. This business really pays you for helping others earn money.