Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Popular Science Magazine beat me to the punch

I recently received the Oct 2005 PopSci magazine in the mail. Yes, I subscribe. Keeps me young.

With all of the hullabaloo about the hurricanes and how we cannot stop them even though we can predict where they are going now, like a typical relational innovator which I am I said to myself there has to be a way to stop hurricanes. Silly? Right, I must be crazy.

But, my idea was to find a bio-degradable substance that is known to cool water and seed the warm Gulf of Mexico waters with it in advance of coming hurricanes. Why? Well, we know that warm waters and warm moist air feed them, so that ought to starve them right?

I did a google and found that there are many different biodegradeable substances already on the market which are said to lower the temperature of water. Eureka!

Then in this latest PopSci on page 42 in the Headline from the future piece Moshe Alamaro predicts that by 2010 barges with jet engines mounted vertically will suck the warm moist air from the Gulf and toss it high into the atmosphere creating rain clouds but also effectively reducing the temperature of the Gulf waters.

Even though Moshe is a mechanical engineer at Harvard-MIT's Health Sciences and Technology, I still think my bio-degradable solution should be more earth friendly. Maybe they could try both.

If you see this idea anywhere else, remember that you saw it here first.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Michael Robertson . com

$4 Billion In Savings For Businesses

September 12th, 2005

"The average conference call lasts 33 minutes and has six participants. At an average price of 16 cents per minute per caller, businesses are paying $4 billion per year for this essential voice service. Today we're announcing a pilot program to make conference calling free for a global audience. This won't please the telecom titans who profit from this service, but businesses should relish this newfound savings and freedom to communicate without worrying about costs."

Michael Robertson has been the visionary behind and What he prophesies over the Tech industry usually comes to pass.

Friday, September 09, 2005

HP to ship Ubuntu PCs

Google News: "HP to ship Ubuntu PCs, serious about Linux
Tectonic - 13 hours ago
The HP Linux and Open Source roadshow rolled into Johannesburg earlier this week with the message that Linux is now a 'standard' product offering from the company. The annual roadshow, which travels the world ...
Preview of Breezy out now Tectonic
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Prius Update

Toyota Prius

Our Prius has really been a blessing with these rising gas prices.

I wanted to share how we are optimizing our gas mileage and what exactly our mileage is. Your mileage might vary.

In order to get you acquainted with the Prius, you might already know that the Prius has a display in the dash showing you what your real-time mileage is. This keeps us aware of our driving styles and because we are motivated to save as much money as possible.

It turns out that the secret is to get to your cruising speed as soon as possible, then put it into cruise. When you try to get good gas mileage without cruise you end up cramping your foot and it is harder to keep it in electric mode which gets the best mileage for very long. In cruise, you will see 99.9 MPG on your screen as long as the battery isn't very low or the air conditioner isn't on something rediculously low. We keep our a/c around 78.

Our mileage? we are averaging 41-45 MPG, and it appears that our mileage is getting better. We were told that it would as the engine gets broken in, but who believes a salesman.

If you'd like us to refer you to our salesman here in Houston, Texas please drop us a line in the comments or email.

Hi MPG to all.

Wireless-Tower Outfits: Rising High

Wireless-Tower Outfits: Rising High

Monday, September 05, 2005

FEMA’s botched job

Dvorak Uncensored

"More bad stories about FEMA’s botched job. A great interview highlighted by the following new information:"

FEMA needs to be removed. It is BROKEN.

Episode 21 Taped Before a Live Audience | this WEEK in TECH

Episode 21 Taped Before a Live Audience | this WEEK in TECH
"Live from the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco. Thanks to our hosts, Apple Computer, and to all the folks who showed up and made us feel welcome. This is the audio edition. Kevin Rose and Keith Harrison from are working on the video version and will offer it later."

It was great listening to these geeks (some with potty mouths so be ware) opine about tech issues. I will comment on these and other topics with less potty mouth (none in fact) for my pod cast in the very near future. CrusaderX Podcast -- the clean alternative tech podcast.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Relief

KSBJ Cards for Katrina Hurricane Victims

We personally and on behalf of our church just dropped of walmart gift cards at our local YMCA to help victims of the hurricane.

Click the "Hurricane Relief" link to see why we chose this avenue.

You can also choose to do it differently by going to the links on the right side of the above "KSBJ" link.

God will take care of them. We are His hands and feet.

Why python?

An extensive article explaining why you should use python instead of perl or or at least start learning it.

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