Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Google Analytics: a year in review

I haven't actually been using analytics for a year yet, but it has been a year since I started using Google Adwords.  So, the hole between the start of last year and when I started using analytics to analyze the traffic to my sites is just as illuminating as the fact that I didn't track all of the sites I was initially and ignorantly sending adwords clicks to.

Looking back over the last year, I can see major trends in the profitability of what I have done with my advertising across many different methods one of which is adwords.

One of the most valueable things to come out of it has been a list of keywords which have converted from front page to step one, two, three and finally to President's Interview which is the best metric of the value of a keyword or referral source or campaign after all.

I have been able to narrow down my best keywords which drive traffic to the PI.  I have also continued testing other keywords and now have a solid base of information to compare their effectiveness to.

If you aren't using google analytics or some sort of analysis system, you are throwing away money.  If you just don't care, then throw a couple buck my way by sending all donations to via pay pal.

But seriously folks, if you are using our splash pages system, then all it takes is going through the wizard to create the code to put on your splash pages and sending that to me.  Why would I ask for more work?  It will be good to have more data from everyone's results to compare.  For instance, what about those Sam Crowleys out there who are mostly driving traffic belly-to-belly?  Or what about the Jack Weinzierls out there solely on adwords, or the Don Goldstein's out there who combined adwords and USA Today and Radio?

It could just be an exercise to read the data once a month, or it could lead to an insight that saves you thousands of dollars which ultimately means thousands of dollars in the Kingdom.

Something to think about,

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