Thursday, October 05, 2006

Book Reviews

Folks, I wanted to drop everyone a line and share some of the books that I am reading now.

Don't be surprised but I don't read just one book at a time and it drives my wife crazy.  It is a part of me that I have learned to like very much and a gift from God that I find very precious.  Like the article I blogged about here , I know that I am a relational innovator (I have the test results to prove it), and that is God's perfect will for my life.

So anyway, don't be surprised by the large number of books I tell you about and know that any equally large if not larger list I wont tell you about.

Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies by Susannah Gardner is a good starter book, but keep up with the latest in blogging by reading this blog.  Books by definition are already old when they get printed, so some of the "new" information in this book is already out of date, but the book in general is a good way to start learning about Blogs.

Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright will make more sense if you read it after you read the above Buzz Marketing book.  It too is somewhat dated already, but a very good read and full of good info.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook by Mordkovich and Mordkovich is also definitely dated with all of the changes that Google and the other PPC search engine advertising companies have been making and you have been reading about on this blog, but again a very good starter book.

Get More Referrals Now! by Bill Cates, is a thouroughly enjoyable book and a must read for anyone like me who recognizes their total lack in the area of natural belly-to-belly networking skills.  It will also help you be more real and personal in email and electronic forms of communication.

Never Eat Alone by Ferrazzi with it's sister blog has really been making an impact in my thinking in the business of relationshipping too.

Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen has 90 bite-sized devotions from the information in the orginal book Your Best Life Now, and whatever you believe about Joel and his doctrine, you need to read this devotion book.  The word of God does not return void, and this book has spoken to me in amazing ways.

Well, probably not the long list you thought it would be, but I decided to leave off 75% of the books I am reading right now.

Be blessed,
Eric Standlee

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