Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This is a video revolution

Now you cannot have an excuse for not having a public video at www.youtube.com :

Quick Capture
Record video from your WebCam directly to YouTube! No upload required.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Another social networking site to take advantage of


It is simple to setup your profile on many different profile sites so that people who stumble across you can find out more about you.

Sites I use:

This list keeps growing.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I invite you to try this FREE marketing idea with me

I am just starting to try this, but since it is free and apparently a powerful replacement/augmentation to email marketing, I thought I'd share it with you.

Go here: http://www.desktoplightning.com/businessmentor to get started (free).


[From Google Reader] Getting Sales Things Done

I just read this on the blog of a new connection from LinkedIn of mine and I just had to share it.

Getting Sales Things Done

Elegant_clock_2 Lori Richardson, the Sales Process Diva, addresses the issue of identifying actions that lead to new sales, new revenues, and that retain existing customers for life.  In fact, she notes that this revolves around time management or personal management, if you will. She writes,

"One of the major issues people in selling (including sales leaders) have is in managing their time. As a former Franklin-Covey facilitator, I spent so many hours talking to people about using their planner, and focusing on what matters most. It was great theory, but the actual steps and process threw people. The planners I gave out in my sessions turned out to be glorified address books and monthly calendars - that's about it. "

She notes that the personal productivity guru David Allen , author of Getting Things Done, gets it. He understands and offers an elegant way to get people universally to take action.

I've said for some time that a PDA is simply a productivity tool. Getting one does not necessarily mean you will suddenly be organized. It's not the device itself, it's how you use it. Only when you understand how to use the tool can it truly increase your productivity.

Merry Christmas,
Eric Standlee

Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Birthday This week

I celebrated my 36th birthday this week.

I hope that explains the lack of news.

I will catch you up and even do a new podcast next week.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

How many qualified prospects do you want?

Some of my friends know me as the computer geek, other people know me as the online presence doctor, and still others know me as the father of my kids (oops, that doesn't matter), but some may not know that I like most didn't know that there was an unlimited supply of leads out there.  "Huh?", you say?  Say you know me as a geek who teaches people how to find unlimited leads online.  That I do.  And, it isn't out of fear neccessarily that I don't have much experience meeting people offline.  As an analytical introverted person, I just figured out that there are more online and more readily available to share what they do and what I can do for them.

Any way, I have been studying from an expert in the field of network  marketing of over 35 years.  Funny thing is that I actually turn 36 this Friday.  Here is a powerful excerpt from one of Tom "Big Al" Schreiter's books called Big Al's Super Prospecting: Special Offers & Quick-Start Systems which I bought as a package with a bunch of audios when I attended one of his seminars recently:
         How many qualified prospects do you want?
    The amount of prospects who ask you what you do for a
living is directly proportional to the number of prospects where
you initiate the same question. So, if you want to have 10
prospects come to you with the question, "    What do you do for a
living?" all you have to do is ask 10 prospects that very same
question. If you want 15 prospects, ask 15 prospects the same
    Not only is asking this question effective prospecting, but it is
also lots of fun. Since many prospects won'feel a need for your
product or opportunity, you' have the opportunity to learn
about many new occupations, hear interesting real life stories,
and have the chance to meet a variety of colorful people. And
that' just the downside to using this technique.
    The upside is you will find many ready, willing, and able
prospects just looking for your opportunity or product benefit.
These prospects will gladly set aside time for a presentation at
their home or at a formal business opportunity meeting. These
are the type of prospects that you won' have to beg to go to a
meeting. They want what you offer.
   This simple question really is a win-win opportunity. The
prospects get an audience for their life stories and you get the
opportunity to sort for qualified leaders. Life doesn' get much
better than this.

This included from the book out of respect for its value to me:
100s of pages of free
training tips and newsletters at
I have found some great nuggets in this book and the Big Al materials which apply to life in general as well as building a solid pipeline of people to share my business with.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

HR Web Cafe:Study links work stress and burnout to an increase in type 2 diabetes

HR Web Cafe:Study links work stress and burnout to an increase in type 2 diabetes:

Stress and burnout are correctly associated with j.o.b.s and the obvious conclusion is that people should consider the lower stress of owning their own home-based business. Beyond the tax benefits, working on your own time and calling your own shots from your home office should reduce stress levels and increase family time and thus have health implications.