Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Level of Productivity

Productivity tip:

Recently I finally got the iPhone.  I believe this functionality or something similar to be available on the Nexus One from Google as well however.

I found that I have tons of books to write but not enough time.  So, I decided to use my drive time.  Houston is a big place and from one 1on1 to another it at least 30 minutes when I can be productive.  But, typing is definitely not okay unless I can hire a driver.  So, I needed to find a way to use my voice.

This isn't why I got my iPhone.  I am a very late adopter of the iPhone.  Normally, I adopt very early, however with the iPhone I wanted to get to the end of my existing contract with AT&T before I upgraded.  To be honest, I didn't get the value.  It is like EST or something.  Everyone using one can tell you all of the reasons they use it in detail however unless you get one you will feel like they are babbling idiots speaking in vague mysticisms.

Well, maybe this practical use will make sense for you.

I found the for pay app quickoffice.  This is good for typing but not the complete solution to my problem.  It can do spreadsheets, docs and tex files.  It also allows you to connect your google docs and accounts to it for easy file transfer/copy.  Great application, but it needed something to help me make use of time spent driving.

I know neither of these are new applications.  You've probably heard of them already.  However my "ah ha" moment was when I used Dragon Dictation to dictate a full chapter in a book.  Dragon's iphone app rocks even the hardest words unless they are new words.  Then I copied it and pasted it into a quickconnect doc and moved/copied it into my google and accounts.

Wow!  Was that too fast?  Let me recap.  I can dictate text with high accuracy, copy the text, and paste it into a word processor document on my google docs all using my iPhone! 

Look for many new books coming out of this author.  Look for happy notes from my editor too who will have less corrections to make.

I dictate docs, emails, texts, notes and todos now.  Life is less keyboard and more Star Trekian now!

Beam me up Scotty.

Eric Standlee

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