Saturday, October 21, 2006

Please keep the Kurfmans in your prayers

Eric and family are missionaries to Japan:

A GREAT big thank you to all who prayed for us on Saturday at our landlord's house.
Things went as well as they can when so few of the family are truly believers...
I believe the LORD helped me to emphasize (repeatedly) that the ONLY way to enter into eternal life and
to truly know you will go to heaven when you die is through repentance and believing in the LORD Jesus.

I was able to share that is NOT the only thing Jesus is interested in...eternal life begins right now in HIM.

Friday night when I went talk with the wife, she had put a can of beer and 2 "pears" on a tray in front of the 3 people's pictures.
We talked for a while and she felt like she had to do that for the deceased father's sister.
But after we talked and she admitted they had never done those kind of things that much before, the aunt probably wouldn't notice.
Honestly that 87 year old aunt is one of the most open to the Gospel. Anytime I share from the Bible she is always listening intently.

Several of the relatives were all geared up for the typical incense and chanting thing,
but the wife was able to tell them, we aren't doing that. PLEASE pray for Yoko Hori uchi. We have talked often about the fact that God isn't interested in
a "religious ceremony" for anything. She seems to understand but at the same time has a hard time taking the last "leap".

I came away feeling like we had done what we could do and the LORD would have us do at this point.
And "ya' cain't do no more 'n 'at"  can you??

Eric and the crew

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