Sunday, July 13, 2003

Clay's Mail Call Wav Page
Gotta love these "You've got mail" Sound bites.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

MandrakeSoft News
If you ask me this is the begining of the race to capture the fallout from the coming M$ (stands for microhard money machine) ongoing license debacle as seen in the the coming Longhorn OS and phase out of previous OSes from microhard.

Can you tell I am an avid opensource and Linux biggot?


Saturday, July 05, 2003

[ Tecnocasa, Scheda dell'immobile ]
For approximately $48,000 on the Bali coast, this is a steal.
Yahoo! Calendar - eric_standlee
JVC - Model GR-DX300US
This is the US version of the Victor (JVC in Japan) camcorder my wife just bought for us. COOL!!!
Ultralight Aircraft: Aquaglider - San Francisco Hang Gliding Center

Okay, I will eventually get my pilot's license, but until then I want on of these.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

My Personal Site
Keep in touch with me here.
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Honda Motorcycles
This is a radical bike. Watch the video.

Okay, so while I am dreaming...
Acura 2003 Gallery
Sure, it is a big dream. And, yeah it is more than twice a good corvette, and I haven't test driven one or even been in one. But, it is appealing somehow.
Maybe after I flip three or four properties and have already bought a new home, then maybe my wife will indulge me.
Do you have blog on blogspot? I do, and I use this bookmark/link to quickly post to my Blog.
It automagically puts a link for the page I was on when I hit it in case that is what I want to Blog.
Ain't blogging fun?
Not as fun as ryzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SCO smear campaign can't defeat GNU community - Tech Update - ZDNet
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Eric Standlee's Ryze Business Networking Page
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