Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A low tech alternative to creating flash pages.

Screencasts of Ruby on Rails
Putting Flickr on Rails

Ruby on Rails is not just for playing with your local database, it's for taking on the web. So in 5 minutes, we create a web-based search engine for Flickr using their public API with all the fades and glamour of Ajax. How's that for a low-tech alternative to something fancy like Flash.

Share Calendars using the latest technology

This calendar service rocks!

Microsoft warns of file-trashing worm

Microsoft warns of file-trashing worm
Microsoft warns of file-trashing worm By Robert McMillan, IDG News Service, 01/31/06 Microsoft has published a security advisory warning Windows users of a file-trashing worm that has been circulating via e-mail for several weeks. The worm, which is programmed to destroy a wide variety of files on the third day of every month, has been circulating since mid-January, and is estimated to have infected between 250,000 and 300,000 systems worldwide.
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Monday, January 30, 2006

Steven Curtis Chapman Champions Adoption

Adoption, International Adoption, Christian Adoption Agency
America World Adoption Association is a non-profit, licensed Christian international adoption agency dedicated to helping families adopt internationally. We have placed thousands of children in loving families and have over 10 years experience as an international adoption agency. Our foreign adoption specialists will provide you with all the adoption information you need. Whether you are interested in Chinese Adoption, Russian Adoption, or Ukraine adoption, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands. We believe that nothing happens by accident, and are confident that God will place just the right child (or children) in your home.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Ford lays off thousands

Ford cuts US workforce by a fifth Guardian Unlimited - 35 minutes ago Ford, the US car giant, today announced another round of cuts that will mean the loss of between 25,000 and 30,000 jobs in North America. The news comes on top of previously announced losses of 4,000 salaried ... Ford Cuts At Least 25,000 Jobs Turn to 10.com Ford's 4Q Earnings Climb on Cost Reductions Washington Post
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Is it time for the large corporations to learn from small corporations yet? Something that Japanese companies have over American corporations is less public scrutiny and less cowtowing to shareholders. Sony, for instance, does what they want and they innovate. What did Ford do? They bought Toyota hybrid technology hardware, and did their own software. Public corporations and government entities cannot innovate because they have to answer to the public constituency.
Small companies are the reason that America has a strong economy. I hope that those laid off will start their own companies and really answer Kenedy's call: "Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." That is a truth that lines the foundation of all success. It isn't about what you get, but about what you give.
This is a rampant problem with our society today. Only 18% of Harris County residents show up for Jury Duty when they are summoned. Those people are more worried about getting than giving and with less giving our society will begin to fail as is happening in the microcosm of jury duty service.
Do you want more criminals on the street for longer? Then don't do jury duty service. Do you want murders out on bail for more than a month, what about a year or more? Then keep looking for what you are getting and don't care enough to serve others around you.
To step out of the corporate world and into business ownership takes alot, but it will deliver alot as well.
All of the great companies in America started as a small company built on the sweat and tears of someone with a dream to serve his fellow Americans. Come on, join those of us serving our country.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

1-800-Free411: Welcome

1-800-Free411: Welcome
Why pay for 411 again? Save this in your addressbook and save $1 to several whenever you need a directory listing.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Recovering IT PRO's Political Soapbox and 2006 Prediction

I am an IT pro who has seen the ugly side of corporate IT and the impossible side of microbusiness survival. This years predictions come in those same lines.

Here we go:
  1. Gas will reach $4.00 per gallon before the end of Summer not because of real supply worries affecting futures, but soley to line the pocketbooks of oil exects. All of this will come to place despite increase hybrid sales and despite several more hand-slappings by congress.
  2. Micro businesses and SMB as well will benefit from Software as a Service (SAAS) which combines open source solutions in the CRM/ERP/KW and MRM spaces. To this end, if SugarSuite gets its head out of the sand and listens to its VARs, it is set to WIN big.
  3. I have long said that the deception of deceptions as described in passages about the Anti-Christ will be something big like a real UFO or Natural Disaster on the scale large enough to bury our personal rights to privacy and enough to "unite" the world into one world government. I believe we will see this deception plaid out this year as Israel increasingly becomes the center of news and "Peace, Peace" is cried from every rooftop.
  4. The Eliica from Keiyo University in Japan will produce a commercial totally electric car but consumer produciton may not happen until 2007.
  5. Christians from every country and every status level around the world will leave the workplace enmasse due to the sanitization of the workplace.
I hope that none of these come true, but I am going to replace my 2002 Saturn L100SE with a hybrid SUV which will probably be the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

Be blessed,

Monday, January 09, 2006

Jury Duty: Call to Action

My Fellow Americans,

This is to all of you red blooded Americans who actually care about making the world a better place.

Today, I reluctantly went do show up for a jury summons where I live in the Harris County Court District. I have been twice before, and have served on an actual jury one of the now three times I have answered the call. I showed up at 8am to sit in a large room filled to over capacity and sat along the back wall with more than 60 others in the room who couldn't find a seat either.

After the oath and being called to the second panel to go down, I was made to walk 4 city blocks to the felony court building. This was the second time I have been here and both times were on a jury panel.

We went through security and waited in line for the elevators to go to the 15th floor. Then we waited outside the 236th court for hours.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I tell you this to let you know that I was kinda grumpy when we finally got into the court.

Before the judge let us go because the court dates for his three cases got rescheduled, our judge told us some very interesting things:
1. only about 18% of people summoned show up for jury duty
This fact alone causes an alarming number of horrible people to be set free to walk the streets because their cases are postponed sometimes 2 years after the incident which causes the witnesses to not remember what happened.
2. 95% or so of those accused of felons who appear before this judge are between 14 and their 20s.
3. Most cases are about drugs
4. 95% of the defendants don't have anyone who cares enough to show up in court for them. This judge says that is why they are here in the first place. He explained that most of them had no parrental supervision growing up and many didn't have parrents in their lives at all.
5. Recent changes in the law mean that agravated charges mean longer terms. This is good because it keeps them off the streets longer, but the State of Texas hasn't and wont build any more prisons so the already full prisons cannot hold the strain.
6. From the Katrina evacuees, Harris county has absorbed more than 2000 agrevated sex crime offenders. Apparently Louisiana doesn't keep good records and didn't have a solid number.
7. Since the time to court for cases is a year or longer, violent crime offenders can make bail for 10% of $30,000 or so and be on the streets for a year or more.
8. The felony system creates repeat offenders, since felony offenders cannot get real jobs nor real work and end up back in dealing drugs.

This is a call to action people.
1. Care enough to parrent your children.
2. Get through to their friends.
3. Faith-based iniciatives need to be created to care for the children in the bad situations who might end up like this without any intervention.

Whatever your New Year's resolutions, you need to add action to take responsible for the world we live in, or it will only get worse.

I pray that God blesses each and every person who reads this so that they can be HUGE blessings to programs in their communities around the country and the world and even start programs where they do not exist.

I also pray that God lay on the heart of many to become foster parrents. I will consider it prayerfully. I have a 4 year old, so I will have to wait until that one gets a bit older, but I believe that if we can reach even just one more child through fostering that we can change our communities and our world.

Be blessed,

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Google's long awaited announcement

Google Cofounder Talks Video Store and More
The Mac Observer - 2 hours ago
by Misha Sakellaropoulo , 6:30 PM EST, January 7th, 2006. LAS VEGAS -- Google cofounder Larry Page delivered the final keynote address of CES Friday afternoon. Like the company itself, Mr. Page's keynote was ...
That was the big Google announcement? CNET News.com
Google Launches Video Download Service PC World
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IGN: CES 2006: Sony MDS-70 Music Stage

IGN: CES 2006: Sony MDS-70 Music Stage: "CES 2006: Sony MDS-70 Music Stage
Get true hi-fi sound from your Walkman phone with this complete set-up."

Definitely on my wish list short list.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Eat 4 Your Blood Type - B and O Comparisson Chart

Food B O
Meat Beef Neutral Beneficial

Buffalo Neutral Beneficial

Lamb Beneficial Beneficial

Venison Beneficial Beneficial

Chicken Avoid Neutral

Turkey Neutral Neutral

Pork Avoid Avoid
Fish Cod Beneficial Beneficial

Halibut Beneficial Beneficial

Flounder Beneficial Neutral

Mackerel Beneficial Beneficial

Mahi Mahi Beneficial Neutral

Ocean Perch Beneficial Neutral

Sardine Beneficial Beneficial

Sea Trout Beneficial Neutral

Sole Beneficial Beneficial

Eggs (Caviar) Beneficial Avoid

Red Snapper Neutral Beneficial

Salmon Neutral Beneficial

Yellow Tail Avoid Beneficial

Catfish Neutral Avoid

Scallop Neutral Neutral

Squid Neutral Neutral

Tuna Neutral Neutral

Clam Avoid Neutral

Crab Avoid Neutral

Eel Avoid Neutral

Lobster Avoid Neutral

Oyster Avoid Neutral

Sea Bass Avoid Neutral

Shrimp Avoid Neutral

Octopus Avoid Avoid
Dairy / Egg Mozzarella Beneficial Neutral

Milk Beneficial Avoid

Yogurt Beneficial Avoid

Brie Neutral Avoid

Cheddar Neutral Avoid

Cream Cheese Neutral Avoid

Parmesan Neutral Avoid

Sherbet Neutral ?

American Cheese Avoid Avoid

Ice cream Avoid Avoid

Soy Milk Neutral Neutral

Goat Cheese Beneficial Neutral
Oil Olive Oil Beneficial Beneficial

Flax Seed Neutral Beneficial

Canola Avoid Neutral

Sesame Avoid Neutral

Corn Avoid Avoid
Nuts Seeds Almond Neutral Neutral

Brazil Neutral Avoid

Macadamia Neutral Neutral

Pecan Neutral Neutral

Pumkin Seeds Avoid Beneficial

Walnuts Neutral Beneficial

Cashews Avoid Avoid

Pistachio Avoid Avoid

Peanuts Avoid Avoid

Sesame Avoid Neutral

Sunflower Avoid Neutral
Bean Kidney Beneficial Avoid

Lima Beneficial Neutral

Navy Beneficial Avoid

Azuki Avoid Beneficial

Pinto Avoid Beneficial

Green Neutral Neutral

Red Neutral Neutral

Snap Bean Neutral Neutral

Soy Neutral Neutral

Green peas Neutral Neutral

Black bean Avoid Neutral

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Houston Tech-san!

Be blessed and prosper this 2006