Thursday, October 01, 2009

Banking System problems still growing

I keep my eye on banking because we work closely with bank to help them increase their non-interest fee income to counter these sorts of trouble on their balance sheets.

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The FDIC Is Safe
By Aryn
Don't panic. The FDIC is still secure. You don't need to close your accounts or rush to the bank to withdraw your money. The FDIC Has a Treasury Credit Line According to NPR, the FDIC has a $100 billion credit line from Treasury that it ...
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Vox Popoli: The FDIC can't borrow solvency
By Vox
This statement from the FDIC yesterday should settle the matter: An alternative—borrowing from the Treasury or the Federal Financing Bank (FFB)— would also increase the liquid assets available to fund future resolutions but would not ... in federal deposit insurance or to a level which shall be close to or below zero, staff will estimate the reserve ratio for that quarter from available data on, or estimates of, insurance fund assessment income, investment income, ...
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IMF: $1.5 TRILLION Coming In Further Bank Writedowns
By Joe Weisenthal
Not even close, "near 0% cure rate of all loans in foreclosure, 0.8% for 90 plus days delinquent, 4.4% for 60 days delinquent and 26.5% for 30-day delinquencies. All told, Amherst expects 12.42% of units (from the 13.54% of properties delinquent and in ... The entire banking system along with the FDIC is insolvent and we likely have at least $1 trillion in losses that have not been addressed. Boris said: Sep 30, 8:46 AM. Don't bother us with these trivialities. ...
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Business Headlines For September 30, 2009 | Cronkite
The European Central Bank, which aims to keep inflation rates below, but close to 2% over the medium term, raised its inflation outlook in September. The central bank now expects consumer prices to rise 0.4% in 2009. ..... Thus, we wave a magic wand, and even though the FDIC is asking the banks for 3 years worth of money today, the banks will be able to recognize the cost over 3 years. Since when do we treat insurance as a depreciating asset? It's not like when you buy an ...
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Analyst Exposes Wells Fargo Balance Sheet Charade | Sense on Cents
By Larry Doyle
If Goldman is correct, or close, that is 25% of, well, what? They can write off a lot of this stuff via purchase accounting. But let's be kind to me and my hard work and say it will cost them $5 billion more than they are assuming. .... November and beyond may provide some market support for this skeptic's view of their balance sheet as FDIC guarantees of bank bonds goes away and Wells will eventually go to short term capital markets and raise money based on what people ...
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Avid Trader Official Blog: Evening Update
By (Avid Trader)
Elsewhere, Starbucks entered the instant coffee market and the FDIC announced a proposal that would allow it to raise $45 billion from banks to help cover the rising costs of bank failures. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 47 points ( 0.5%) to close at 9742, the S&P 500 Index dropped 2 points (0.2%) to 1061, and the Nasdaq Composite fell 7 points (0.3%) to 2124. In light volume, 1.2 billion shares were traded on the NYSE and 2.1 billion shares were traded on the ...
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The Economy & the Commercial Real Estate Bust - SZONE.US Forums
By Steve Boren
However, smaller banks - 92 of which have already folded this year as of mid-September, according to the FDIC, compared to 25 last year - are even more at risk because they will likely have a harder time accessing the crucial capital to offset rising defaults on commercial real estate ... By the end of 2012, some $153 billion in loans that make up CMBS are coming due, and close to $100 billion of that will face difficulty getting refinanced, according to Deutsche Bank. ...
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As with any business, increasing revenue is a great way for banks to get around their loan problems.  We have a track record of helping small, independent, and event billion dollar regional banks increase their non-interest fee income with returns on cash deployed of 27-37% as reported by the banks themselves.  Compared to 1% returns on cash deployed in commercial loans 27% is a much better result.  That has represented almost 50% of net income for some banks which realize the value of non-interest fee income.

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