Sunday, April 30, 2006

Google Calendar feature - share free/busy information from your calendar with anyone

As you may have noticed, google has added a calendar to their feature set and I have setup my sharing on my calendar so that my publicly available calendar shares my free/busy information. If you need to know if I am available, you can add this calendar to your google calendar:

right click the ICAL above and copy the link to add to your calendars in .

Another feature that makes google's features replace everything that I used to do with outlook.

Re: ms outlook e-mail

On 4/30/06, Mike and Nancy wrote:
Hi Eric,
We have MS outlook as our business e-mail and I also have ms outlook at work. Is there some way for me to access my business e-mail from work?
Mike and Nancy

Yes, but let me tell you what I recommend my team do and why it fits your situation perfectly.
I and  my team almost all use from google as our email interface.  Reasons this is better than outlook:
  • you can get to all of your email from any computer connected to the internet like your home computer and your work computer using just a browser
  • spam protection
  • phishing protection
  • virus protection
  • integrated
  • always have all your contacts no matter where you go
  • able to send as all of your email addresses
  • just redirect all of your email addresses to forward a copy to your gmail account
Now, not that you'd want to do what we do, but 9 out of every 10 geeks uses gmail because of the above reasons and more.

So, if you still want to use and live with outlook, then you need to go into your account settings on both your home computer and your office computer and set your AC account's settings to "leave a copy on the server".

Then when you "get mail" from either computer it will leave that email up on the server for your other computer to get to as well.  The reason you cannot do that now is because you have the account settings to not leave a copy on the server.

If you instead want to do it the gmail way, you will need me to "invite" you, just let me know.  Then, you will need to go to and login and go to settings and put your new gmail account into the forwarder and save your settings.  This will forward a copy to your new gmail account.  Then you go into your gmail account and add your AC account in gmail settings and when the verification email comes from google's gmail team, just click the verification link in that email and you will now be able to send from gmail as your AC address.

If you cannot tell, I have had alot of experience working with outlook in corporate settings as an IT manager and have encouraged every company I can to go away from outlook.

Be blessed,

Eric Standlee
Prospered not to increase my Standard of Living,
but to increase my Standard of Giving

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Do you talk better than you write but you still want the power of a blog on your side?

Consider podcasting!
Podcasting comes from the now very famous Apple Computers product called the iPod and the word broadcasting.  Essentially, podcasting is putting an audio file you created up on a web site and marrying it with a feed that talks about all of your episodes so that people can read about them like they can read the articles of a blog in their own reader. Except, with podcasting they can read about them in an audio player like iTunes from Apple and listen to the audio right there.  You can burn these feeds with just like you can burn blog feeds.  Here is a very simple example of my podcast feed from feedburner: .

"But, Whoa Eric!", you say.  "I don't get blogs yet and now you are telling me to pod-what?!???", you say.

The reason I bring this up is because like blogging it has become super easy to do or even more easy than blogging depending on what you like to do.

Imagine, that last episode in my podcast that you can listen to at or from this blog via the flash player on the right sidebar was done through a free service called gcast from garageband.  What is gcast you say?  It is the ability to call a number, enter a pin code, and then record your episode from any phone in the world.  You should setup a podcast and call in at least one episode for posterity's sake so that your grand children and your great grandchildren can hear your voice and know a little about you.

But, I digress.  To setup a podcast, you need to understand that honest passion about a subject is what listeners are tuning in for just like blog readers are looking for something with honest passion to read about.  So, don't think you have to do this, and don't think you have to do it perfect like a radio DJ.

Before you get started, you will want to listen to podcasts from many different formats from the perfect DJ to the lone ranger on a phone to the simple group of friends jabbering about what they want for a 30 minute or longer show.

I recommend the computer security podcast Security Now! with Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson for starters as listening to it will help you keep your computer and home network safe and you will hear one very popular format for podcasts: .

Then when you are ready to dip your foot into the waters of podcasting, you can go to and sign-up for a podcaster account.  Don't worry, would I recommend it unless the free account was worth using? <grin> <wink>

There is already an article in the archives of this blog on how to get that setup, but I will probably create a new how-to on this in the near future.

Let me hear from you if you have any questions you want answered or if you have any topics you'd like me to look into or to share what I think about.  Click on the comments link at the bottom of the article you want to comment about and write a comment for all to see.  I will get notified of that comment and respond asap.

BTW, yes the flash player on my blog is free from the account I have and I can call into the gcast number and enter my pin and record a podcast at any time and it will show up in that player soon after I post it.  You too can do that if you'd like.

So, the question is, "Do you want to type articles for a blog, or do you want to speak episodes for a podcast and write simple teasers for the episodes in a blog so that people will know what you are podcasting about, or do you want to do both?"

Another place that uses podcasting and blogging in unison very well is .  You should check it out once just to see what I am talking about.

Be blessed and To your success!!!

Eric Standlee
Prospered not to increase my Standard of Living,
but to increase my Standard of Giving

How to order a pizza in 2010

Wanna know how to order a pizza in 2010?  
Click on the link below and see...turn up the volume.  
Listen closely and watch the screen and pointer carefully.
I promise there will be no pop up screaming things!  
But listen to the phone conversation.
It is scary enough!
You may laugh and think this is funny, but it could happen.

The technology is already there!!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

AC Blog Roll

AC'ers, you need to participate in  Follow the Purpose and Responsibilities.

To your success!

Eric Standlee
Prospered not to increase my Standard of Living,
but to increase my Standard of Giving

Why and Why not Blog?

"Why Blog" From Blog Marketing by Jeremy Wright:

Search Engine Marketing Blogs give you an increased presence on major search engines like Google and Yahoo!.

Position You as Expert  Blogs enable you to articulate your viewpoints, knowledge, and expertise on matters pertaining to your industry.

Build and Early Buzz ... React to Negative Events ... 

Why not to blog?
  • Don't post articles that blatantly advertise your websites
I will keep building this list, but you will want to get Jeremy's book if you think you didn't know the above items and really understand why to blog.

Eric Standlee
Prospered not to increase my Standard of Living,
but to increase my Standard of Giving
I don't represent these guys, but I pray that this helps you out somehow.

Easy ways to blog on your blogger blog

Howdy gang,

I am posting this blog via email!  In blogger you can create a secret emal address that when you send email to it your email is posted to your blog.  To set this up, go into blogger, click the blue widget next to your blog, click the settings tab, and click the email sub-tab.  Then modify the Mail-to-blogger address to make a secret email address you shouldn't share with anyone else unless you want them to be able to post as well.

Another easy way to post envolves the Google toolbar available from as a free download.  Once you have run the install and restarted your browser, you can click the options button on the google toolbar and turn on the blog this button as well as the pagerank feature.  This toolbar can also help spell check just about any form you are posting in like the form you use to blog with.

One last way to post.  This is a more advanced posting option, but it allows you to post to many different blogging systems from the same interface on your Mozilla Firefox browser.  If you haven't read that I recommend everyone stop using internet exploder and download firefox from then you need to.  Once you have installed firefox, you can go to and install their firefox extension which then adds a feature to your firefox browser that when you set it up correctly will make blogging about whatever page you are on right now much easier.

Eric Standlee
Prospered not to increase my Standard of Living,
but to increase my Standard of Giving

Word Press - The next step in blogging after Blogger

What lacks in traffic and the like, it makes up for in ease of use. If you have a hard time putting an ad in your blogger blog's template, sign up for a blog and in the Presentation > sidebare section add a Text item and make it look like your ad. Much simpler.

More complete how-to coming soon.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A question I get alot - Ads on your blog

Put an ad on your blog.

I am going to tell you how to put an ad on your blog because I get a large number of questions on this.
If you want to put an ad on your blog and you are using blogger, you have to go into the template. Some ask, "Why not adsense?" I don't recommend it as it detracts from your blog. It is better to have ads to your sites and to related things that you can control than having your readers get distracted by ads from your competitors.

The Simple Steps are:
  1. log into blogger
  2. click on your blog's blue cog to go to settings
  3. click on the template tab
  4. read all the way through the template in the textbox that appears on that page and find the start of the "sidebar". It will be different for every different template and since you can use 100's of different templates I cannot tell you exactly where. But if you are getting started and don't have alot of traffic. Just play with moving your ad around in the template until it is in a place where you like it. As long as you don't delete something, then you should be fine and if you delete something and break your blog, just select a new template from blogger and that will reset your blog.
  5. Now that you have found the "sidebar", put something like this in and see how it looks moving it around until you like it:

    <a href="url">Headline</a><br>
    Description line 1<br>
    Description line 2<br>
    <a href="url">display url</a><br>

  6. Change the above ad with you content to look like a google ad and point the "url" to your website like .
I hope that helps,

Friday, April 21, 2006

Asia is public enemy No. 1 for spam, report says | CNET

While there may be some black hat hackers (crackers) in Asia, it is my oppinion that most of the spam in Asia is due to unprotected personal computers on broadband, and that is due to lack of understanding in computer security.

Asia is public enemy No. 1 for spam, report says | CNET "Asia accounts for 42.8 percent of the spam received by Sophos' global spam monitoring network, with North America in second place with 25.6 percent, the company said on Thursday. "

Thursday, April 20, 2006

CustomizeGoogle: Googling Just Got Better -- Firefox Extension

If you use Gmail, Google Calendar, and/or, and if you use the industry's most secure web browser Firefox, then you need CustomizeGoogle:

CustomizeGoogle: Googling Just Got Better -- Firefox Extension: "CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that enhances Google search results by adding extra information (like links to Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN etc) and removing unwanted information (like ads and spam)."

A dark horse in the Search Space --

You need to consider when considering PPC ad campaigns. No, I have not tried them. So, I am in no place to tell you they are better than Google. However, they are coming up in the marketplace and will provide a viable option.

Why Ask Sponsored Listings?

Learn what sets us apart from the competition - and how easy it is to set up your Ask Sponsored Listings account
View it now »

FeedBurner -- Optimize with FeedFlare

FeedBurner also has this free service for those who use them to burn their feeds:


Give your subscribers easy ways to email, tag, share, and act on the content you publish by including as many or few of the services listed below. FeedFlare places a simple footer at the bottom of each content item, helping you to distribute, inform and create a community around your content.

This is an article on this blog about how a blogger used just these features to drive EXTREME traffic to his blog. Your mileage may vary and his blog is not a safe place for children, but it proves the use of these tools from FeedBurner.

Be blessed

FeedBurner - Features

As a followup to the value of using FeedBurner as your feed to make it as simple as possible for others to subscribe to your feed the way they want to, here is some info that while optional is very useful:

Publicize Your Feed

Ready to start attracting subscribers? Here are some tips and suggestions for maximizing your reach:

Make it Easy to Subscribe

  • Chickletize your web site. Encourage people to subscribe to your feed by posting a friendly graphic in an easy-to-find location.
  • Why confuse would-be subscribers by offering the full menu of RSS and Atom flavors? Consolidate by serving up just one SmartFeed, digestible from any destination.
  • Pleased with your circulation stats? Promote them using FeedCount.
  • For the XML literate, consider using the Awareness API to share your subscriber stats with directories and listings.

Help Your Feed Find its Way

  • Many web browsers and feed readers can "discover" where your feed is located just by looking at your web page. Help them out by modifying the auto-discovery tags in your template.
  • Moving from one feed to another? Don't lose your subscribers along the way! Redirect them, no flares required.
  • Can't wait for the world to come to you to read your latest posting? Ping's the thing.

Boost Your Cross-Promotion Potential

  • Do you maintain more than one blog, newsfeed, podcast or videoblog? BuzzBoost helps you cross-promote your content by repurposing your feed as go-anywhere HTML.
  • You author some very moving headlines! Promote your content with HeadlineAnimator.

And for those who want automated pinging built in:


Most web-based feed reading services will check for updates on their own time. Give 'em a push with PingShot. Choose the services you want to ping, and we'll notify them when you publish new content.

And, finally, help those who understand email better to stay up on your posts via email with these FeedBurner features:

Email Subscriptions

Give your biggest fans another way to keep up with your blog or podcast feed by placing an email subscription form on your site. Choose FeedBurner, FeedBlitz, or Squeet to be your feed-via-email service provider.

These are all in your back office at If you haven't burned your feed with feedburner (I only use the free services), then you will want to do so to get to these features for your feed.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Basecamp - Project collaboration, management, and task software: Basecamp

Project management at its best and getting better all of the time.

Project collaboration, management, and task software: Basecamp: "What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a unique project collaboration tool. Projects don't fail from a lack of charts, graphs, or reports, they fail from a lack of communication and collaboration. Basecamp makes it simple to communicate and collaborate on projects.

It's elegant, easy, and web-based. You don't need to download, install, or configure anything (no IT department required!). All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. And don't worry, your data is safe with us.
How can Basecamp help us?

Basecamp makes it easy to centralize group communication with co-workers and clients.

Assign to-dos and tasks
Post messages and gather feedback
Simple scheduling and permissions
Share files internally or with clients
Track people's time
Who uses Basecamp?

Over 250,000 people and small businesses. Freelancers, designers, lawyers, publishers, teachers, students, non-profits, and more."


If you have the desire you have the power to be successful.
You can really have anything you want in life if you go after it.
But you have to want it.

The first thing that will contribute to reaching your goal
is that you simply want to reach it badly enough.
You must learn how to desire with sufficient intensity to be successful.

As a drowning soul desires air,
as a shipwrecked person craves fresh water,
so must you feel that intense, eager, insistent, demanding,
ravenous desire for your success.

Your desire for success must be so strong within you
that it becomes the very breath of your life.
It must be your first thought when you wake up,
and your last thought when you go to bed at night.

You can have anything you want if you go after it with intensity.

©2006 by Max Steingart
Reproduce freely but maintain © notice

Monday, April 17, 2006

Add a custom feed to google's personalized home or feed reader

You will need this to subscribe feeds to your google personalize home page or your google feedreader:
Take the above url minus the information after the equals sign, copy it and paste it to a new window or new tab's address/location box in your browser, then add the url for the feed you are subscribing to to the end so that it looks something like the url above.

So let's say you were going to subscribe to my feed. Copy: and put it into the address/location box on your browser and hit enter. It will take you to a page to chose either the personalized home page or the feedreader.

Happy reading - Step one to getting the word out about your blog

Above you can see a picture of ping-o-matic with my information filled in. I Give my Blog a Relevant Name, then put the address to my blog in this case
, and if I have a feed then I put that in the feed field like Then I make sure that all of the checkboxes in the next section are marked and that the ones in the last section are not marked. Then just click send ping and wait until it finished loading.
Only do this at most once after each post you submit.
Happy blog pinging,
Eric Standlee

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chat with Google Adwords Support that is very enlightening

Tonight I had to ask several questions of Google. I thought I'd share the results.

The last item has a very good suggestion that we should all follow.

Chat Information
Thank you for contacting Google AdWords. Please hold a moment while we route your chat to a specialist who will help you with your question: "site targeted ad".
Chat InformationDiana has received your message and will be right with you.
Diana: Hello Eric. Thanks for contacting Google AdWords. How may I help you today?
Eric Standlee: I'd like to put ads on which is displaying google ads, how do I do that? I tried site targetted and didn't come up in the list.
Diana: If the site did not appear in the list, then this site is currently not allowing site-targeted ads. Each site owner has the ability to choose whether they'd like site-targeted or keyword-targeted ads. I'd suggest reviewing your keyword-targeted campaigns and trying to match ad and keywords more closely with the site's content.
Eric Standlee: Is there a way to make sure that keyword targetted ads only show on a limited number of sites in the content network? I haven't used the content network because of the lack of targetting it seems to have.
Diana: At this time, there is no way to do so. But, I'll pass along your feedback in our next program development discussion.
Eric Standlee: Thanks.
Eric Standlee: One last questions
Diana: Sure, Eric.
Eric Standlee: question. Can you tell me when some analytics will open up for others? I have it but my colleagues are anxious to get it.
Diana: We still do not have an exact date where all advertisers will be able to sign up for Analytics. But, if they have already entered their request, as soon as we have more availability, we will contact them.
Eric Standlee: Okay, and one last one...
Eric Standlee: About ad approvals, I have noticed lately that when I place a new ad I have had to use the contact form to request it being approved before I even got any impressions. Is that a change in how things work? Should I just automatically use that form to request the ads be approved after I create them?
Diana: There is no change in our process. We've experienced a higher volume of ads, which is causing a delay in our review process. If you notice that your ad is not accruing impressions within 1-2 business days, please feel free to send us an email.
Diana: In addition, I have one last suggestion for this.
Diana: If you're only editing an ad, then please create a new ad instead of editing the old ad. This will allow the old ad to run while the new ad is under review. Then, you can delete the old ad once impressions accrue for the new ad.
Diana: Do you have any other questions, Eric?
Eric Standlee: Nope, thanks for that suggestion Diana, I will share it with our company. Have a blessed evening

The Money of Color -- The Minority Executive Report Feb/Mar 2006 Debut Issue

I really enjoyed this article in the latest Minority Executive Report:

The article in reviewing the book The Jewish Phenomenon that cultural upbringing has alot to do with the extreme difference between the race in success in wealth. The book apparently argues that any race can immulate the cultural aspects that work and replicate them in their children.

It is worth a read. I am sure that not all Jews are successes any more than all of the other races are not. That is not what this is about. It is sort of a howto for success and successful upbringing of children based on observations in the differences between the races and their rate of success.

New Marcel Gagne book out

The "rumor" is that Marcel Gagne of Moving to Linux: Kissing the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye fame will be writing a new one in this series about Moving to Ubuntu. Promises to be a great book.

Moving To "Ubuntu" Linux | Marcel Gagné

Welcome to Google Calendar

NOW, you can completely replace outlook with Google's services. Calendar makes the toolset complete for me.

Add this to your must have toolchest.

Welcome to Google Calendar: "Wouldn't it be great to be able to keep track of all the events in your life, coordinate schedules with friends and family, and find new things to do -- all with one online calendar? We thought so, too. Learn More


Seeing the big picture
With Google Calendar, you can see your friends' and family's schedules right next to your own; quickly add events mentioned in Gmail conversations or saved in other calendar applications; and add other interesting events that you find online.


Sharing events and calendars
You decide who can see your calendar and which details they can view. Planning an event? You can create invitations, send reminders and keep track of RSVPs right inside Google Calendar. Organizations can promote events, too.

Staying on schedule
You can set up automatic event reminders, including SMS notifications, and instantly bring up anything on your calendar with the built-in search tool."

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tech Companies To Spend $10M In Blog, Podcast and RSS Ads

Those of you following the blogging crowd, understand that blogs and their audio/video counterparts all run feeds or rss feeds and these are going to generate alot of money from ads. If you are only using search engine PPC, then you might want to consider how to put ads into feeds for even more targeted advertising.

Google News: "Tech Companies To Spend $10M In Blog, Podcast and RSS Ads
MediPost Publications - 12 hours ago
by Wendy Davis, Wednesday, Apr 12, 2006 6:00 AM EST. TECHNOLOGY AND AUTOMOTIVE COMPANIES ARE among the businesses most likely to market themselves in blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds, according to a report issued Tuesday by PQ Media. ...
PQ Media Report: Podcast Advertising iMedia Connection
Advertising roundup - Brandweek Magazine - Media Life Magazine - ADOTAS - all 12 related »

By Kids For Kids - World's Largest Site for Kid Inventors and Free American Inventor Patenting Support for Kids

Want kids who think like business people? Start with making it fun to make money: show them how other kids are inventing new things and tell them how they could make real money doing it.

By Kids For Kids - World's Largest Site for Kid Inventors and Free American Inventor Patenting Support for Kids

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

One Digital Life's example of how using feedburner tools to dramatically increase your blog's traffic

Folks here is an amazing story about how a person new to's tools used them to explode their traffic.

one digital life » Blog Archive » You Digg Me… You Really Digg Me
My site, which usually gets around 3,500 visits per day, has received over 16,000 visits today. The traffic hit its peak at 11:00am, receiving almost a days worth of visits in one hour. Yesterday, there were 286 people subscribing to my RSS feed, as of right now, there are over 1,000 subscribers. My referrer log has been overflowing with links from digg,, Yahoo News?, PopURLs, and a bazillion other online news readers, RSS aggregators, and blogs that picked up the post.

Use feedburner to share your blog with many more

Folks, this is a placeholder for the how-to I am going to write about how to create a feed with feedburner, why that is valuable, and then how to use that to allow your blog readers and the rest of us to subscribe to your blog so that your blog's popularity grows significantly.

Also, look for a post after this talking about how the tools in feedburner's feeds can increase your blog's traffic in an amazing way.

Steps: Overview

If you haven't used feedburner before:
  1. Go to
  2. Put your blog address into the blank box in the middle of the light green field in the center of the feedburner home page and click the next button.

    If you don't have an account with feedburner you will be asked to create one here. Just follow those instructions.

  3. Confirm your Feed Title and the feed name you are going to create with feedburner and click "activate feed".

    At this point, you will be presented with the link for people to use to subscribe to your feed, and you will be given the opportunity to take advantage of all of the extras that feedburner has for managing your feeds. The extras will be a separate How-to for a later time.
  4. Since we aren't going into the extras, just click the "Skip directly to feed management" link to finish and go to the feed management page.
Now you have a working feed with feedburner. Just take the feed you created (mine is and paste a link to it in your blog template called "subscribe to feed" so that visitors have a simple way to subscribe to your feed.

Come back later for the complete how-to.

A great blogging tool for firefox browswers

SEOpen Tools

Use this to check your page rank and find sites with good page rank.

Free SEO Tools

Use Feedburner to get readymade subscribe buttons

Feedburner is a good source of tools.

FeedBurner - Point your feed here. We'll do the rest.

Business Blogs - Blog Top Sites

This is a very good directory to see ranking of blogs in the blogosphere.

Business Blogs - Blog Top Sites

Trackback Howto by one of the #1 blogs on the net

Learn from the best about something I didn't know existed.

La Shawn Barber’s Corner » Trackback Policy

Review: My Yawp - Turn Your Passion To Profit

I am reviewing this site for recommendations, but I didn't want you to have to wait until I was finished before you heard about it.

My Yawp - Turn Your Passion To Profit

Flock update

Welcome to the 0.5.13 release of Flock. If you've made it this far, chances are you're aware of the risks associated with software that's somewhere between alpha and beta.While we are very excited about what we are doing, we want to make sure that you are fully forewarned that this browser may crash from time to time and that any settings you save in this browser may be erased, lost, or overwritten. Please have a backup of your blog posts and your shared bookmarks. So we strongly recommend that you proceed with caution.Still here? Great!Please read these release notes. We've formatted them beautifully for you. They give you information you need to know.If you have general questions about Flock ; who we are, what we do, and how we get away with it; please check out Thanks for your interest in Flock; we hope you enjoy your stay.

Release Notes

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I believe that after taking a large number of computer newbies through how to create a blog with blogger and developing a course to teach them how to blog on relevant topics that something like flock, performancing, et. al. needs to work better.

As I opened this version of flock and as I am using it to publish this post, there have already been too many flakey errors for a newbie to handle without blowing up.

But, I am cheering for something like this to rise up and work well. In the meantime, I guess blog this in firefox will have to do.

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