Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What language do they speak?

Assume right now that everyone you speak to has English as their native language.  What language do they speak?

This is sort of a trick question.

You see, you may not know that with English as a given there are four information processing styles or languages.

Have you ever presented to someone and just saw the deer in the headlights?  Unless you were speaking way to technically, then more than likely that person didn't speak your language.

You see, there are Einsteins, and Accountants, and Rainmakers and Process people.

Einsteins like their name sake tend to see things that others don't and tend to connect dots that others don't.  They are very innovative.  Their negative point is seeing connections that aren't really there like taking a statement personally when it wasn't meant that way.

Accountant types tend to analyze everything, think a long time and then act.  They are very good a planning based on the limited information they have.  Their negative is not seeing the big picture and thus planning down a rabbit hole.

Rainmakers tend to be "ready, fire, aim" people.  They excel at action and tend to get alot of things started.  They are your typical natural entrepreneur.  Their negative tends to be impulsive actions without any check and the tendency to over sell more than what a company can deliver.

Finally, Process people do well with logical instructions.  They are like trains on a track.  Point them in a direction and they tend to balance think and do very well.  Negatively speaking, they are like a train on a track and they are hard to get off the track or stopped in an emergency.  They are usually the one who knows they have to be at church at 11:30 only to be folding that last piece of clothes to step out of the house at 11:30.

Neither processing style is "right" or "better".  All have their place and balance another.  Rainmakers and Analyticals balance out.  Processors and Einsteins balance out.

No one person is typically not just one processing style.

So, are you speaking their language?

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