Saturday, October 24, 2009

Epic Battles Sought by Man

Why do I let you bury me?
You fight my every turn.
There ain't no use hiding from this,
Fear wont guide my ship.

Down through the ages,
Man fights epic battles.
Nothing prepares him,
For where the real fight is.

Down in the shadows,
Success evades capture.
The real battle rages,
Right up to the rapture.

Its a fight for the souls of man.
Love has crossed the chasm.
No matter the circumstances,
The victor has already triumphed.

Yet, day by day I struggle.
My shadow beats me up.
Afraid of what might be,
It jeers against my inheritance.

From dawn till dust through sweat and tears,
Meaningless as it seems.
Huge hands of battle threaten,
Threaten to tear me apart.

But, the champion of my soul has won.
He's the last one with a loaded gun.
Blindness keeps it from me,
And the fight goes on and on.

Down through the ages,
Man fights epic battles.
Battles already won now,
Give it all to Him.

Smoke and Shadow burst open,
The Victor roars on through.
He's won the battle for me,
Now I see it too.

It was in giving up where the fight was.
It was in letting go to Him.
That's it, that's the secret.
It's already in his hand.

By Eric Standlee