Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Small Businesses create 2/3s of new jobs

I am very dedicated to the creation of new jobs through the creation of new small businesses and funding of emerging and burgeoning businesses.

Funding is available for business-to-business commercial firms in but not limited to these categories:

  Here's a list of industries we like
Accounting & ConsultingFabrication: Pressure VesselsMasonrySafety Services & Equipment
AdvertisingFence Installation and Repairs Medical StaffingSales & Installations
Apartment ServicesFine Linen RentalMetal FabricatorsSecurity Alarm Installation
Apparel DesignFire Alarm Installation Manufacturing - Metal Strainers and FiltersSecurity Guard Service
Asbestos & Lead AbatementFood ServicesManufacturing Oilfield ChemicalsSeismic Drilling
Audio-Visual Design/InstallFormat Digital Printing Manufacturing Personal Care & Gift ProductsService-Environmental
Belt Press - Sales & ServiceFrozen Food ProductsManufacturing Sew Cleaning EquipmentServices to Mortgage Lenders
Blasting and CoatingGen.Contrctr-Civil, Paving/Draining Manufacturing, Furniture Design, ImporterSheet Metal Fabricator
Building MaintenanceGeneral Contractor - PaintModular Building TransportSign Installation
Cabling - CommunicationsGov't Contracting Services Natural Disaster CleanupSite Preparation-Construction
Cabling - TechnologyGraphic Arts FinishingNatural Gas ContractorSoftware Development & Design
Calibration ServicesHealth Care Services Natural Stone DistributorSoftware Development - Oilfield Services
Carbide FabricatorHighway MaintenanceNetwork IntegrationSoil Remediation Services
Chemical SalesHose & Fitting Fabricator Non-destruct Testing & Inspec. SvcsStaffing
Chemical SolventsHVAC Sales and ServiceOffice Furniture Sales & ServiceSteel Erection
Commercial Aircraft Parts Supplier Hydraulics Sales & ServicesOffshore constructionSteel Fabrication & Fiberglass Construction
Communications Fiber OpticHydroblasting at a refineryOffshore Crane Service & Maintenanc Structural Restoration & Maintenace
Communications InstallationImport & Distrib - GroceriesOil & Gas EquipmentMasonry Supplier
Computer ConsultingImport/Export Industrial Oil & Gas ExplorationSupplier Commercial Aircraft Parts
Computer Hardware & SoftwareImport/Export-Broker ServicesOil and Gas Sales-PipeSupplier, Tech Personnel
Computer Software & Services Indust. Power Transmission Distrib.Oil Field Pipeline ServiceSurveying and Engineering
Concrete Construction Industrial MaintenanceOil Field Services System Integrator
Consulting and Training Industrial SuppliesOil Tool Rental & Manuf.Systems Integration
Consulting/Recruiting Information TechnologyOilfield Equipment Sales & Mfg. Technical Staffing
Contractor - Utilities Information Technology StaffingOilfield MaintenanceTechnical Support
Contractor-Interior Buildout Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs Oilfield ServicesTechnology
Corrosion Inspection & EngineeringInstallation of Cryogenic EquipmentOverhead Crane RepairTelecommunications
Counseling StaffingInternational Oil & Gas Parking Lot MaintenanceTelecommunications Service
Custom Embroidery, ScreenprintingJanitorial ServicesPersonal Care ProductsTemp Agency - Physical Therapy
Custom Welding and Fabricating Lamp ManufacturerPersonnel ServicesTemporary Medical Staffing
Delivery ServiceLandscape & Nursery ServicesPipeline MaintenanceTemporary Staffing
Design/Mfg/Sale of Wool RugsLawn Maintenance Pipeline SurveyingTower Construction
Direct MarketingLegal servicesPolymersTower Telecommunications
Distributor Janitorial SuppliesMachine Shop & Metal Fabricators Precision Sheetmetal FabricationTransport- trucking
DistributionMaintenancePre-op clean techno for power constTransportation Broker
Distributor of Home Furnishing ProductsManufacturer - Glass Block Process Honey for BakeriesTree Farm
EDI ServicesManufacturer/Recycler: Wood ReelsProduce ShippersVaccuum Truck Services and Rental
Electrical Apparatus Sales & Repair Project Management ServicesProperty Preservation ServicesVacuum Truck - Septic Cleaning
Electronic Manufacture & Repair Promotional MerchandisingPublishing of Computer Games Valve Supply and Repair
Emissions Testing Manufacturer: CabinetsRailcar Inspection and RepairVegatative Erosion Control
Employment StaffingManufacturer: ChemicalsRebar Installation Ventilation Services
Energy Conservation Manufacturer: Chemicals & Motor OilRecruiting - StaffingWaterproofing
Engineering Manufacturer: Component CoatingsRECRUITING SERVICES Wholesale Furniture Distribution
Engineering/Oil & GasManufacturer: Countertop & CabinetReselling Computer EquipmentWholesale Home Furnishings
Engineering/Telecommunications Manufacturer: Plastic BagsRestaurant and CateringWholesale Importer
Enterprise Software CompanyManufacturer: Rubber & PlasticRight of Way and Site AcquisitionsWholesale Oilfield Supplies
Environmental CleanupManufacturer: Sausage Risk ManagementWholesale Trade
Environmental EngineeringManufacturer: Vehicle Security  
Environmental Remediation Manufacturer:Machine Vision Systems   
Environmental Services Manufacturing & Installation AC  
Environmental TestingManufacturing & Service of Presses  
Erosion Prevention Manufacturing- Steel Forgings   
FabricatingMarine Survey Consult & Eng   

                 10-Reasons Companies Use Alternative Funding                

1. Significantly increase the cash flow of your business
• Earned cash is-available for qualified receivables in as little as 24-hours.

2. Use readily available cash to grow your business
• Funds generated by factoring can be used for new equipment acquisitions, inventory purchases, marketing expenditures/ facility improvements, etc. that otherwise may not have been feasible when you needed them most.

3. The process is very efficient and reliable
• Once approved, our clients trust American Prudential Capital for a userfriendly approach to doing business each and every month. Payments to our clients are dependable because we understand what a predictable stream of cash can mean to the life of any business.

4. Use what you need when you need it
• There are NO required monthly minimums for factoring and no long-term obligations. We recognize that factoring should be a "bridge mechanism" to more traditional financing and that typically our services are a season in the life of most businesses. Our contract is month-to-month because we earn your business.

5. Capital availability is flexible
• Factoring is the only means of business financing that can grow proportionally and immediately with your business as you need it.

6. Minimize internal costs associated with collections
• Your company will spend less time on collections since we take on most of this task. Thereby, you can focus more of your efforts on higher value-added activities such as sales and production.

7. Better knowledge of your customer's credit
• We are extremely proficient at verifying your customer's credit and ultimately their ability to pay your invoices. This enables you to make more informed decisions on where to target your efforts for the greatest gain and minimize your bad debt write-offs.

8. Leverage your customer's credit rating
• Your customer's good credit rating is one of the strongest assets you can have when factoring. It is their positive history as much as anything that makes this process work for you.

9. Factoring is not a loan
• No debt is created when factoring so there is NO negative impact on your financials. You are not using long-term debt to satisfy a short-term need for cash. This increases your appeal to traditional lenders because factoring creates cash in your bank account and not debt on your Balance Sheet.

10. Take advantage of early payment discounts to suppliers
• Minimize some of your factoring costs by leveraging supplier offered discounts for early payment and simultaneously increase your credit rating.

                 Find out what others think about working with us below                

What do our clients say about American Prudential Capital?

"As a subcontractor in the Commercial Construction' industry for nearly 12 years, I understand how difficult it can be to survive in a competitive market which is characterized by seasonal fluctuation and increasing demand for strong performance. My association with American Prudential Capital has been a lifesaver for my business. Not only have I received the financial assistance that I needed, but my good friends at APC have been there to help me make right decisions for our company. What I discovered by utilizing their service was that they truly care about their clients and want to help others succeed.' The degree of integrity with which APC conducts its business is unsurpassed. I trust them completely and I would highly recommend their services to any organization."                                               
Gary Carville - Commercial Care Services, Inc.

"American Prudential has been factoring Allrail invoices for over a year. They have been absolutely great to work with. Very simple process administered by a solid group of professionals. I have no reservations about referring this company to anyone."
Tom Morgan - Allrail Services, Ltd.

"We have been associated with American Prudential Capital using their invoice factoring services for over 7-years. Their helpful and dedicated staff has been a great asset to our business. The invoice factoring services are a great help with our cash flow which enables us to receive payment for our services within 24-hours after delivery. This helps us to manage our material costs for new orders and meet the needs of our customers."    
Larry and John Haller - Custom Welding & Fabrication