Monday, October 26, 2009


My favorite charity/ministry/non-profit that I support with gifts as well as by telling everyone I know has an Update.

Please consider what you can do to help the orphans and widows in Africa and India.

Thanks Arch for the update:

Hi Eric
We have 5 homes full of kids, 2 widows homes with 38 and 44. Jacob is building one in Botswana for 1000 orphans and have 3 more starting this year. Thank for your support and for spreading the word!
ps I will be traveling to the most dangerous country on earth this winter but I will not be able to talk about it until after I get back

Do you know a church of 100 or more who would like to hear Arch talk about Noah's Ark?  Let me know and I will get word to Arch.  He wants to speak to large groups about that.  It would be nice if he could have the opportunity to share about as well.  Can you help get the word out?

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