Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Don't believe all of that marketing hype you see in your inbox

I just got another in a long line of "Just marked down to only $47" marketing strategies of the last 100 years HYPE.

Is that what marketing is all about?  It sounds like say a bunch of things that sound like they could be true as fast as you can see how many people will give you $47 for nothing all over again.

Marketing has changed.  The last 100 years doesn't have any bearing on the next 100 years as far as marketing.  Well, it does, but only to stand as a road sign of what NOT to do.

Marketing, Sales, Business Development, and whatever the new term is have all been changed by social media.

Just like noone has seen anything like 250MM users flock to a college kids 2 week hobby page now called Facebook before, OLD "marketing secrets" are DEAD!!!!

It is about CRED.  You have to earn trust and you don't do that by spamming your friends through every venue.  Push marketing is push away bad reputation mumbo now.

Business development, PR, and Sales now happen because of attraction, transparency and availability.


Stop fearing the truth and embrace it.

You have to be trustworthy and you have to build trust relationships with EVERYONE.  Gone are the days of hiding behind a fancy site and ad copy and scamming millions out of hard earned money and calling that a success.  Some will still try and an very few will succeed at that for long.  But, that is burning bridges that you will need in the future.

You need to get real, help others, be nice, give first, and share to get ahead now.

I am not naive, and I know that bad people will continue to try spamming and scamming, but if you want to succeed you need to learn what it means to Give First, Pay-It-Forward, and Lead by Serving.  "SuperPerformers" like my friend Dave Guerra of calls them will come out of these values.

Listen, if you are desperate enough to try some flashy ad copy sales pitch to a squeeze page to sell worthless drivel, then I am sure I cannot stop you.  But, when you loose your CRED don't say I never told you.

Eric Standlee