Friday, October 23, 2009

Fwd: Sales Intelligence: The Secret to Sales Nirvana

This is a quote from a recent CRM Magazine article.

This is why I recommend even small firms find and use a good flexible CRM package.  It enables them to gain intelligence on their sales and marketing so they can see real trends and analyze real cost/performance/roi trends.

The phrase "Sales Intelligence" refers to those sources of information that your company can use to improve the effectiveness of its sales force and enrich the quality of leads in your sales pipeline - leveraging external insight to boost sales productivity.

But how are best-of-breed organizations using Sales Intelligence to optimize their selling motions?

Learn how by downloading the Aberdeen Group's groundbreaking Research Benchmark,
Sales Intelligence: The Secret to Sales Nirvana.

This complimentary piece provides best practices for enabling sales excellence through the use of Sales Intelligence. Injecting Smart, Fresh and Complete information into existing sales processes enables reps to contextualize lead follow-up - and call the right prospects at the right time.

In fact, according to Aberdeen, here's how Sales Intelligence affected the year-over-year performance in best-of-breed companies:

      • 82% Increase in Revenue Per Account
      • 74% Increase in Bid-to-Win Ratio
      • 69% Increase in Average Opportunity Deal Size

We hope you find this Aberdeen Research Benchmark valuable as you build out or improve on your own organization's Sales Intelligence strategies - maximizing sales productivity and accelerating sales cycles; ultimately driving higher volume sales, higher value sales and higher velocity sales.

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Eric Standlee