Monday, October 05, 2009

Is Easy really Best?

In this day and age of push button everything, we have bought hook line and sinker the idea that everything is supposed to be easy.

Is easy really the best for us?

Without weight to push against, my muscles cannot grow stronger.

Without sadness, I cannot fully appreciate joy.

Without the trials of raising kids, I cannot fully understand patience.

Without study, I cannot fully grasp knowledge.

Without energy draining monotonous tasks, I cannot relish being fully rested.

If everything were really easy, then I would only expect everything to be given to me and never strive to accomplish anything.

There is a reason why the successful people we know have amazing stories of overcoming great obstacles.  Sure it is true that after attaining, many fall into self-indulgence and pride.  However, the real success was in the overcoming not in the getting.

We should embrace obstacles and shut doors.  These are opportunities in disguise.

This recession will bring the unimaginative down.  And, those who overcome will find opportunities to great success.

All industries are full of stories where the "winners" out lasted all of their competition.  I know many successful businessmen who point to perseverance as the #1 reason for their success after their strong faith in God.

To quit is to fail!  Period.

Many quit five yards or one step away from success.  Don't be that person.

Eric Standlee

PS.  Give yourself grace to make mistakes too.