Friday, August 12, 2005

Wired News: Mac Hacks Allow OS X on PCs

"Apple wants to avoid the word getting out that (MacIntels) are just PCs, and that (OSx86) works on PCs"

Sorry Mr. Jobs, I know you are known for knowing better than the market, but I think Apple should concentrate on being a software company. TPM sucks. It is a horrible hack. What an eyesore on Apple!

I love my Mac Mini and because OSX doesn't run on intel boxes without TPM out of the box, I cannot recommend it to my clients. You could be worried about the issue of supporting all of that hardware, but FreeBSD/NetBSD already supports a subset of intel-based hardware and with Apple's brain trust, I am sure you can support hardware makers who want to certify Apple ready.

My IT Consultancy doesn't even make a red cent off of hardware anymore because it is sooooo cheap. But, Apple will still sell Apple hardware to those who love the Apple cool.

I am sure that you just feel pressured by everyone like me, and that is probably driving you into your corner even more. But, I think you can see it.

Apple will still be a computer hardware company and come out with great ideas. Just get OSX into the software realm and quit worrying about TPM.

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