Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's Not Their Fault | this WEEK in TECH

Leo Laporte said, "I've corresponded with Rick Klau at Feedburner and he's explained what happened. He merely quoted numbers that were already available publicly through the Feedburner Awareness API".

And, I received a comment on my blogspot blog from Rick Klau himself:
"Not sure if you saw Leo's follow-up here. Quick summary: This Week In Tech had our "awareness API" feature enabled, which shared podcast stats with other parties like Podfeed and PodNova, who then use it to rank podcasts.

We've updated our policy on sharing info (even if it is publicly available) - details are here.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line. We take our publishers' concerns very seriously, and want to ensure that we are completely upfront about what we do (and why).



So, I appologize to Feedburner for jumping on Leo's bandwagon. However, what was apparrent in all of this is maturity in communication includes admitting when one is wrong and non-defensive explanation when someone is wrong.

Thanks Rick for commenting on our blog and I hope this counter post helps even the keel.

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