Wednesday, August 31, 2005

FEMA and RED CROSS reward lawbreakers and punish law-abiders; should be disbanned

Those who obeyed the law and left Lousiana before the storm, are now being turned away from federally funded and privately funded shelter in Houston, Texas, while those who illegally stayed behind and endangered their lives but made it to the SuperDome are being rewareded.

I wouldn't reward bad behaviour in my children and law-abiding citizens being turned away from the Houston Astrodome have a right to be livid. I am.

FEMA and large private "help" organizations are such a waste of tax payers money.

I would not be upset if FEMA were helping those who obeyed the law, but to do the exact opposite makes me outrageously mad.

President Bush, I love you brother, but we have got to clean house. Please do something to change this.

I cannot believe that while national guard can be called in to police the hurricane stricken areas that people have to live in fear of criminals wandering the streets stealing and brandishing fire arms. Is this what America has come to?

Is America no more than public facing buearocrats doing what seems to be right, but is actually DEAD WRONG? Is America no more than a country that allows anarchy in the aftermath of such a disaster? Is this what I served my country in the armed forces for? YUCK!

And, where are the volunteers from other countries? We sent troops, and volunteers when the Tsunami hit. Does the rest of the world think they deserve it by America doesn't?

Unbelievable! Outrageous!

Disban FEMA and Red Cross and the National Guard! Why? They don't mean anything anyway.

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Eric Standlee said...

Google News on people being turned away
Despite being law-abiding citizens and leaving when told to, they are turned away by our tax money.