Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vision, Plan, Conviction, Persevere

Here's to a wonderful weekend!

Gaining clarity of vision is letting go of your old way of thinking and taking hold of the best that is for you.

You must have a plan. "Keep your eyes fixed straight ahead.  Don't look to the left and don't look to the right." Keep on the plan and don't let anything distract you.

When tough times come, what do you say to yourself?  If you aren't positive about your future, it shows up in your "self talk" and affects your future.  Make the decision today that no matter what you are going through you are going to make it through and quickly!

A wise man once said, "You can't run from everything that's hard in your life and expect to be delivered.  Challenges stretch you and enlarge your vision."

You are growing, maturing and being prepared for promotion. Simply remain faithful and fight for it!  Perseverance is THE number one trait of successful persons.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Eric Standlee

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