Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fwd: Is Your Dream Big Enough to Fight For?

This is from a friend and I thought it was a very good reminder:


A qualifying question to you or anybody will reveal so much
about you, your mindset, and the reality of what your future is
going to look like.  Here's the question, "Is your dream big
enough to fight for?"  Because if it isn't big enough, you're 1.
not dreaming big enough; 2. you've really not bought into the
potential, possibility, and reality of a greatly fulfilling and
excellent future.

Notice, this is not a qualifying question about our business
opportunity or any business opportunity - it's one of the most
important questions you'll ever pose to yourself.

Until you can answer that question with conviction, there's no
need for Mindset MentoringSM, self-improvement, training, school,
or even personal development books, CD's, or DVD's...

There is currently a "Coma of Complacency" that is epidemic in
our society.

It paralyzes people and kills the entrepreneurial spirit.  Time
to shake any vestige of the "C of C".  Time to change your
present, so your future will equate to your God-given dreams.
Time to move forward and break through any barriers that are
seemingly denying you of your future.

Thanks Tim,

Eric Standlee

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