Monday, September 14, 2009

Fwd: The recent immigrants get it... ask one sometime!

Thanks Jim,

I was walking in the Somber presence of those who died during the Vietnam Conflict on Sunday, 091309 at the Vietnam Memorial. I stopped while a young Hispanic Boy who found an American Flag planted at "The Wall" spontaneously started to sing the Star Spangled Banner. This young boy reminded the bystanders that it is great to be a Patriotic American! He stopped in his excitement to point out, "Look the Capitol Building"! and then resumed his teaching. I got goosebumps as I witnessed the "Melting Pot" of immigration to this great country.

Apparently, the immigrants understand the fact that many of our men and women have died in preserving Liberty and Justice for all. America is the last beacon of FREEDOM to the world. All other world leaders have sold out their people to Socialism or Communism. Look at the European Union (Socialism) and our neighbors North and South. If we partake as a country to Socialism, then, it is only a short trip to the New World Order of Communitarianism.

Too bad our Usurper President just doesn't get it or does he???

Jim Boy+

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