Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fwd: Townhall Meeting Aftermath

From a friend
Greetings ---

The Town Hall Meetings have come and gone.  It was sad to see the way some of the attendees were treated by our elected officials. "Astroturf", "Mob", "Angry Radicals", etc. WOW!!!  In reality, these are the true grass roots Americans who have had enough of the "representation" our elected officials offer.

At one townhall meeting, the local representative said that he is fully aware that his constituents do not want this bill (national insurance) but that he intends to vote on it anyway. He had not read the bill but supports it blindly.  WOW!!!  What a Guy!!!.

Now that our elected officials have gone back to Washington, how can we tell if they listened???  We can track their voting record at the website below.

Who represents you???  You can find out at the website below.  Enter your zip code next to "find your officials" and click on "GO".

VOTE THE RASCALS OUT...  The Real Term Limit!!!

And... How About those Czars??? 

There are 30 Czars in the White House!!!  Thirty!!! There is limited or no Congressional oversight on these rascals. They do not need Senatorial approval. They bypass the checks-and-balance system. For example, Kathleen Sebelius was appointed Secretary of Health.  She must undergo Senatorial confirmation hearings and review of her credentials and opinions on health care.

Yet the "health czar", Nancy-Ann DeParle, needs no outside review of her abilities, credentials, or opinions. Lawmakers can ask Sebelius for testimony in the future and control her budget, but DeParle will remain largely outside Congressional scrutiny. 

And, the czar posts could overlap with the functions of equivalent Cabinet positions.  For example, Carol Browner's post, the energy czar, could overlap with the functions of the Energy Department and the EPA. 

Man!!!  It's Your Move.


I am honestly getting sick of all of the childish "make up the rules as we go" things going on right now.  But, we cannot give up.  That is what they want.


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