Thursday, September 24, 2009

Note to Self: Give first in a Recession

Dear self,

Don't give up

I know that watching the news makes you numb, and it feels like you have somehow stepped into a different and parallel universe.

No matter how much you want to curl up on the couch and hide from the outside world, it is NOW that the world needs servant leaders giving without expecting anything in return.

You are making a difference

When others pressed by the ebb and tide of the wacky world we live in retreat inward, servant leaders shine the light.

By giving, we reverse the flow and erase the after affects of ever selfish tendencies.

So Focus

Don't give up faith in the formula that when you give it is returned to you but not necessarily from the place you gave to.

Change your focus off self and instead focus on others. In doing so, you will be beyond reproach and you will engender faith from those around you.

Hiding from the world isn't a solution, but a reaction.

The solution is to get dressed up and get out there meeting others and have fun doing it.

In the end, you are only in control of your choice to give or not to give.

Eric Standlee

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