Friday, September 04, 2009

Fwd: Phone Call with CISD Asst. Superintendent

More on Conroe ISD:

I called Conroe ISD this afternoon wanting to talk to someone regarding the decision to air the Obama webcast.  I had to wait over 10 minutes, and then once I started asking questions and giving my opinion, I was hung up on by the assit. superintendent, had to wait for an add'l 5 minutes when I immediately called her back, and then was told that no matter how many parents called, wrote, emailed or complained, their decision has been made.
I asked who made this decision and where the School Board was in this decision and she said the school board had absolutely no jurisdiction over this decision!
Each of our children funds $35/day to the school when they attend.  I know CISD will be $70 short on September 8, when my two boys stay home.

Thought you should know, this is going on around the country.


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