Sunday, April 30, 2006

Re: ms outlook e-mail

On 4/30/06, Mike and Nancy wrote:
Hi Eric,
We have MS outlook as our business e-mail and I also have ms outlook at work. Is there some way for me to access my business e-mail from work?
Mike and Nancy

Yes, but let me tell you what I recommend my team do and why it fits your situation perfectly.
I and  my team almost all use from google as our email interface.  Reasons this is better than outlook:
  • you can get to all of your email from any computer connected to the internet like your home computer and your work computer using just a browser
  • spam protection
  • phishing protection
  • virus protection
  • integrated
  • always have all your contacts no matter where you go
  • able to send as all of your email addresses
  • just redirect all of your email addresses to forward a copy to your gmail account
Now, not that you'd want to do what we do, but 9 out of every 10 geeks uses gmail because of the above reasons and more.

So, if you still want to use and live with outlook, then you need to go into your account settings on both your home computer and your office computer and set your AC account's settings to "leave a copy on the server".

Then when you "get mail" from either computer it will leave that email up on the server for your other computer to get to as well.  The reason you cannot do that now is because you have the account settings to not leave a copy on the server.

If you instead want to do it the gmail way, you will need me to "invite" you, just let me know.  Then, you will need to go to and login and go to settings and put your new gmail account into the forwarder and save your settings.  This will forward a copy to your new gmail account.  Then you go into your gmail account and add your AC account in gmail settings and when the verification email comes from google's gmail team, just click the verification link in that email and you will now be able to send from gmail as your AC address.

If you cannot tell, I have had alot of experience working with outlook in corporate settings as an IT manager and have encouraged every company I can to go away from outlook.

Be blessed,

Eric Standlee
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