Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A question I get alot - Ads on your blog

Put an ad on your blog.

I am going to tell you how to put an ad on your blog because I get a large number of questions on this.
If you want to put an ad on your blog and you are using blogger, you have to go into the template. Some ask, "Why not adsense?" I don't recommend it as it detracts from your blog. It is better to have ads to your sites and to related things that you can control than having your readers get distracted by ads from your competitors.

The Simple Steps are:
  1. log into blogger
  2. click on your blog's blue cog to go to settings
  3. click on the template tab
  4. read all the way through the template in the textbox that appears on that page and find the start of the "sidebar". It will be different for every different template and since you can use 100's of different templates I cannot tell you exactly where. But if you are getting started and don't have alot of traffic. Just play with moving your ad around in the template until it is in a place where you like it. As long as you don't delete something, then you should be fine and if you delete something and break your blog, just select a new template from blogger and that will reset your blog.
  5. Now that you have found the "sidebar", put something like this in and see how it looks moving it around until you like it:

    <a href="url">Headline</a><br>
    Description line 1<br>
    Description line 2<br>
    <a href="url">display url</a><br>

  6. Change the above ad with you content to look like a google ad and point the "url" to your website like http://www.crusaderx.com .
I hope that helps,

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