Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Easy ways to blog on your blogger blog

Howdy gang,

I am posting this blog via email!  In blogger you can create a secret emal address that when you send email to it your email is posted to your blog.  To set this up, go into blogger, click the blue widget next to your blog, click the settings tab, and click the email sub-tab.  Then modify the Mail-to-blogger address to make a secret email address you shouldn't share with anyone else unless you want them to be able to post as well.

Another easy way to post envolves the Google toolbar available from as a free download.  Once you have run the install and restarted your browser, you can click the options button on the google toolbar and turn on the blog this button as well as the pagerank feature.  This toolbar can also help spell check just about any form you are posting in like the form you use to blog with.

One last way to post.  This is a more advanced posting option, but it allows you to post to many different blogging systems from the same interface on your Mozilla Firefox browser.  If you haven't read that I recommend everyone stop using internet exploder and download firefox from then you need to.  Once you have installed firefox, you can go to and install their firefox extension which then adds a feature to your firefox browser that when you set it up correctly will make blogging about whatever page you are on right now much easier.

Eric Standlee
Prospered not to increase my Standard of Living,
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