Thursday, April 20, 2006

FeedBurner - Features

As a followup to the value of using FeedBurner as your feed to make it as simple as possible for others to subscribe to your feed the way they want to, here is some info that while optional is very useful:

Publicize Your Feed

Ready to start attracting subscribers? Here are some tips and suggestions for maximizing your reach:

Make it Easy to Subscribe

  • Chickletize your web site. Encourage people to subscribe to your feed by posting a friendly graphic in an easy-to-find location.
  • Why confuse would-be subscribers by offering the full menu of RSS and Atom flavors? Consolidate by serving up just one SmartFeed, digestible from any destination.
  • Pleased with your circulation stats? Promote them using FeedCount.
  • For the XML literate, consider using the Awareness API to share your subscriber stats with directories and listings.

Help Your Feed Find its Way

  • Many web browsers and feed readers can "discover" where your feed is located just by looking at your web page. Help them out by modifying the auto-discovery tags in your template.
  • Moving from one feed to another? Don't lose your subscribers along the way! Redirect them, no flares required.
  • Can't wait for the world to come to you to read your latest posting? Ping's the thing.

Boost Your Cross-Promotion Potential

  • Do you maintain more than one blog, newsfeed, podcast or videoblog? BuzzBoost helps you cross-promote your content by repurposing your feed as go-anywhere HTML.
  • You author some very moving headlines! Promote your content with HeadlineAnimator.

And for those who want automated pinging built in:


Most web-based feed reading services will check for updates on their own time. Give 'em a push with PingShot. Choose the services you want to ping, and we'll notify them when you publish new content.

And, finally, help those who understand email better to stay up on your posts via email with these FeedBurner features:

Email Subscriptions

Give your biggest fans another way to keep up with your blog or podcast feed by placing an email subscription form on your site. Choose FeedBurner, FeedBlitz, or Squeet to be your feed-via-email service provider.

These are all in your back office at If you haven't burned your feed with feedburner (I only use the free services), then you will want to do so to get to these features for your feed.

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