Friday, October 03, 2008

A letter to the public

As you may have noticed, the financial crisis has caused a freezing of the credit markets and is affecting the small business community hardest.

Companies are being told that they are on the no-loan list or that they cannot get a raise in their credit lines until this crisis can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is crucial now for the health of our country to help these small commercial firms get the funding they need to make payroll.  80% of all jobs created are created in this space and if these companies cannot get the funding they need to move forward they will have to layoff employees.  We have to avert this crisis.

So, I am writing you to ask you to look through your contacts and see if there is anyone you know who might be a small company faced with no way to make payroll and no way to take on that huge deal that was just about to land because they don't have to cash flow to float it until it pays.

I am talking about commercial companies in many verticals like staffing, manufacturing, oil field services, and in fact just about every b2b service industry.

Please consider helping these friends, clients, potential customers, and family to make it through this crisis.

Our company, American Prudential Capital, can and does help companies like these already.  We just need your help to get the word out to those in need so that they too have the option available to them.

It doesn't cost a company to get started with us and in fact the only cost is when they fund and they are in total control of that.  So, if they think they might want the option of being able to tap into alternative funding like the kind that our company has been providing for 20 years, then they should get signed up and get ready for when they might need it.

We are not in competition with banks and in fact we would love to help banks keep their customers as well during these rough times.  If you know of any bankers who we can discuss the track record of our ongoing strategic partnerships with banks that is helping them keep and grow future loan customers and even generate non-fee income, we believe this will help keep many banks from having to worry so much about this crisis as well.

If you can think of companies that are b2b whom we should get an application to or answer their questions, could you please help us get the word out?

If you can think of banks that you might know who might need a way to greenhouse the loan customers they are denying right now, please introduce us.

I appreciate your help in this matter, and your time reading this email.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Eric Standlee

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