Monday, October 20, 2008


I made my vote count today!

Early voting opened today and I went.  Wow, am I glad I got that taken care of!

Eric Standlee
VP Business Development / Bank Partnership Development
American Prudential Capital, Inc.

We help:

o get funding without giving up equity
o meet short-term needs with short-term cash
o fund growth beyond what current lines of credit can handle
o avoid loss of opportunity

o "Greenhouse" future commercial banking clients
o 27-37% return on lost business
o keep and grow deposits
o reduce risk
o generate new non-fee revenue
o fund requests for line increases or new lines even during credit freezes and financial crisis

PS. If you're in Houston, then you want to be so join us there and at the live networking events every month.

                   Turn Savings into Cash Cow
                   Have Savings and Use it too
                   200 year old wealth secret

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