Monday, October 20, 2008

Fwd: Judge McCorkle

This was forwarded to me and I wanted to make sure you got to see it too.


Dear Friends,

Early voting starts today.  Attached you will find a list of the early voting locations for Harris County, Texas.  I hope this makes it easier for you to get out and vote!

As you consider whom to vote for I want to share some facts about a Judge running for reelection in the 133rd Judicial District.

Some facts about a judge seeking reelection: Judge Lamar McCorkle

My company filed a solid lawsuit  against a company for fraud.

The case came to trial in 2002 before Judge Lamar McCorkle. The trial lasted for three days.
Judge McCorkle never ruled on the case.

After the first year, our attorneys  requested a hearing, demanding that a decision be rendered.  At that hearing Judge McCorkle told our attorneys that he could not render a decision because he had lost all the files.

Two years after the trial, the plaintiff (my company) and the defendant made an outside settlement agreement.  My firm spent unbelievable legal fees keeping the attorneys engaged simply because this judge would not judge.

Going in to the trial my attorneys from Bracewell told me that McCorkle was notorious for NOT ruling because he did not want his decisions overturned on appeal. 

What kind of job allows you to get paid for NOT doing your job?  I am a lifelong card-carrying contributing Republican and I will once again vote against this man whom I believe has his Judicial position solely because he is riding the coat tails of the Republican majority in our area.

Please vote against Lamar McCorkle.  Let's judge his performance and send him out into the real world to earn a living.




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