Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ecology and politics

I like most of my generation are disgusted with Washington and both candidates for president in general.  I have voted Republican mostly because I don't want Mr. "I love Europe and Terrorists more than America" to get into office and spend out country into a deep depression.

What I cannot stand is that driving a Prius and being ecologically minded somehow makes me automatically in that liberal's camp.

In fact, I believe that just like the fact that the media has missed most of my disenfranchised generation, noone understands that we are all about ecology without having to be liberal in our politics.  In fact, it is my opinion that there are many conservatives who are also excited about electric vehicles and saving the planet in my generation.  I would bet that the only reason we don't hear about that is because my generation is the bust generation and is so small that noone cares about us.  In fact, maybe that is why we are disenfranchised because noone does care what we think.

Well, this generation is next, small or not.  If the country survives the next four years, then we might see a group of angry buster generation "kids" like me raise up and get angry about the pork, the politics as usual, the  "how I see it" not how it is status quo.  We are sick of it Washington. You are shaming out country.

If Washington doesn't clean up and stop playing the same old games, I am sure that Biden was right and something bad will happen.  So, get some cahones and make the change now instead of having to fix it later.

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