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Fwd: Letter to Congressman Kevin Brady R-Texas

My friend sent this letter to her congressman.

I agree.

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Below is a copy of a letter I sent to Congressman Brady today, Tuesay, Oct. 7th.  I am putting my elected officials on notice that they do not have my automatic support solely on the condition of being a Registered Republican in Montgomery Conty, TX.  If we don't start demanding accountability from our elected officials, how can we demand it of ourselves and our children?  This may get me in hot water, but you as my friends won't be surprised I have a strong opinion.
I give you my humble but heart-felt opinions..

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Dear Congressman Brady:

I am not only disappointed your approval of the $700B bailout bill, but your apparent change of enthsuiasm over voting for said bill.  Your LAs in both Texas and D.C. said of the 1st measure that "this was the best decision for your constituents".  On the day the House passed the measure, your LAs in both offices said that you "reluctantly voted for the measure".  Why? If the bill is bad..kill it, change it or create a new one.  The House Dems did not have enough votes, but with your approval, you guaranteed that my family now owes an additional $120K to the federal government..thank you for that.

I live in a house that we can afford, drive cars that we can afford because they are paid off in full), have ZERO CREDIT CARD DEBT, take vacations we can afford, and live a nice life here in The Woodlands.  Now, with your vote, you have punished me and my family for doing the right thing..living within our means.

My 2nd grader understands the economics of this Bill, why can't Congress?  He knows that if he doesn't have enough lunch money to pay for lunch, he cannot just demand that every child, teacher and administrator at his school dig into their pockets to pay for his lunch.  Or, worse still, if he does have the money, but wants something extra aka "a treat"(Congress calls it "pork") like an ice cream, it is not the right thing to demand those same people to pay for his treat.

Those of us who live within our means and bought houses we can afford are seeing our retirement, savings, and financial futures going down the drain while the responsible parties pocket their millions, with ZERO CONSEQUENCES!

I am done!  I am done with the lack of responsibility you, our elected Representatives seem to have for your constituents.  I am done, with supporting every bill, candidate, and measure along Republican Party lines.  And, most importantly, I am done voting for incumbents, just because I don't know the other options well.  I am done keeping my mouth shut, and I am done complaining and not taking action.

This is my official notice to you, my Representative, that I expect and demand answers and explanations for your votes.  I expect and demand, that you, as my Representative vote FOR YOUR CONSTITUENTS, and, if you are unsure as to our opinions, there's a simple solution..ASK!!

Mr. Brady, I voted for you because you represented yourself as a Conservative.  I am no longer taking the word "Republican" to equate "Conservative".  Congress has, for far too long played Monopoly with my money, and I am done.  There is so much money at stake, that it is impossible for you to fathom the real impact on each individual American.  The inability to put reality on debt/money is similar to how a compulsive gambler doesn't stop gambling because he's using chips instead of cold hard cash.

Mr. Brady, you may feel comfortable giving each of your constituents, children included, a $38K bill payable to the federal government to "bail out" the "poor souls" who made bad financial decisions. But as your constituent, I am not.

You see, I was taught that decisions have consequences, sometimes, good, sometimes bad, and the decisions of people to make bad loans, to individuals/companies with bad credit is a bad decision, one that has natural consequences.

You, as our legislator let those natural consequences disappear in favor of more rules and regulations..its no different than the child who cheats on a test, and is told its not HIS fault he cheated, but the fault of the teacher and the school, because they did not provide enough security for test-taking!

When is Congress going to practice what we teach on a fundamentally simple-level to our children?  There is responsibility for your actions, consequences for decisions, and deductive reasoning to determine the best course of action.  You, as our Congressman, did none of the above, and as your constituent, I can assure you that I will work to make sure that you are held accountable for your vote, whether it be face-to-face meetings, town-hall meetings, or removal from office.

I am not adverse to voting my conscience and not party lines. I am not adverse to voting for another Republican on the ticket if the opportunity arises. I am not adverse to making sure that you report to me, and every other person you represent, however that may be accomplished. I am beyond disappointed, and am now angry.  I am not the only one, but may be the most verbal, but I won't be the lone voice I assure you.

Regards, xxxx xxxxx

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