Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where do I start with this Blogging stuff?

I constantly get this question, so let me try to clarify.

If you are completely new to blogging, then blogger.com is the best solution for ease of posting.  However, you need to have ease of subscribing for your readers so they will come back again and again.  For that, I recommend putting the email subscription code from feedburners.com after you burn your feed onto your blogger.com blog template.  Then, when you want to tell everyone looking at your blog how many are subscribed to your feed you can put a feed counter also provided by feedburner.com.

You say, but I don't understand "code", is there anything out there easier for someone like me.  The answer is yes, but nothing with the blogger community of blogger which will help your blog gain page rank.

So, you say, do I have to learn code?  Nope, but you have to be able to follow the instructions on feedburner as to how and where to put that code so that it will work on your template.

If all of this is just too overwhelming, I will get you up and running with your own blog in less than one day with all of the bells and whistles for a flat fee.  Just email eric.standlee (at) gmail.com

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