Friday, September 01, 2006

Re: Blogging help?


The ad restrictions for being listed on Ac Blog Roll are:
1. no adsense
2. your adwords-like ad to your AC site OK!
3. No links on the sidebar to other income opportunities.

If you find someone doing that, let me know and I will kindly ask them to remove them or be removed from .  That is only fair.

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On 9/1/06, David Allen wrote:

Hi Eric,


Thanks for helping out me with my blog issues.


What I need to know is, if there aren't any ads allowed on our blogs through AC blogroll, does this mean we can't have links? Links like google, ebay, our fundraising site, etc.

Also, would it be possible for you to look my site over again? I've had to change everything over from my last blog, this due to google adsense problems. Here's my blog site  



Thanks so much for all you do for the AC team?


Take care,








David & Aubrey Allen

Advantage Conferences, LLC.

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