Friday, September 01, 2006

Re: Blogging


Thanks for asking for references on how to blog.  I will first give you a simple step by step, then I will give you some links to past articles on my blog.
  1. go to
  2. follow the sign-up wizard
  3. when you are done creating the blog, take the address like to and "burn" your feed so that you can provide many more tools to your readers to subscribe to your blog via email or a plethora of readers.
  4. edit your template to add an advertisment for your ac site like a google adwords ad and then make sure you aren't using google adsense ads as that will detract from the clicks on your ad.
Follow through with this and you will have a blog ready for prime-time in less than one hour.

Read through the following links and you will have the basics for starting a good blog, then send me the link and I will critique it.  Then, read through the sidebar on and follow those instructions so that everyone can subscribe to your blog.

Here are some relative links to posts on my blog:

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Eric, I have read several posts about blogging and getting overwhelmed reading ALL THE posts from AC...

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