Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The low-down on Google changes


We knew something like this was coming. With all of those so-called "gurus" teaching people how to agregate adwords ads into sites that look like "good" sources of valid links, we knew that Google would have to fix the relevancy of their search.

One expert in SEO I heard said that Google now has shareholders they have to answer to and thus have to provide the cleanest most reliable natural search so that they can be THE number one go-to search engine out there. Imagine if every time you searched using Google and you got some agregation of adwords ads which when clicked you knew would take money out of advertisers' pockets and put it into theives pockets. Would you continue to use such a search engine? Especially if it took longer to weed through all of those fake sites to find real content..., right?

That is what Google is trying to fix now.

So? You say. Why is this important to me? We we all know that building a list of email addresses which you have permission to market to means that you can build steadily increasing traffic and steadily growing income, right? Well, in fixing the above mentioned mess, Google is also making it impossible to use adwords to send people to a short "squeeze" page to collect email addresses anymore.

A squeeze page is a landing page whose only out so to speak is through a form which collects first name and email address. This page usually gives the shortest bulleted reasons why someone would want to imput their name and email address to move forward.

Well, Google is also trying to thin the ranks of adsense and adwords users to get quality content. That right thar is their most important goal.

So, what? Now we cannot use adwords to advertise? Nope! What? It will cost alot to fix our pages to work within Google's new Quality Score Ratio or take forever? Nope!

Here is what Google's QSR is looking for:
1. Keyword Click Through Rate
2. Relevant Ad Text
3. Historical Keyword Performance
4. Quality Landing page for the visitors going there
5. Finally, Google's perception of your hosting company which may or may not have participated in bad hosting in the past.

The bottom line is that Google's search index is trying to deliver REAL CONTENT that answers the questions of the people who use their search services.

So, how can you fix your pages? I will go through the basics here, but if you aren't a geek, you may just want to hire one. I recommend Eric Standlee .

Here is the simple overview:
1. Old Domain
2. Lots of indexed pages
3. Credibility
4. Believability
5. Privacy Policy
6. About Us
7. Contact Us
8. Link from Authority site
9. Hosting services with good history
10. Domains with good history
11. An article on the landing page which is relevant

Of course, there are already "gurus" out there selling "systems" to do all of this for you.

If you "get it", then you can "fix" your pages so that they work better, and if you don't call Eric.

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