Sunday, July 16, 2006

LinkedIn Personal Networking Contract

I am honored to be a part of your personal network. That carries a responsibility that I take seriously. I pledge to help, support, and inform you so that we both may grow and succeed in our personal and business endeavors. The following outlines some specific aspects of my commitment.

I trust you feel similarly in return as a part of my network. If you do not agree with this social contract, do not feel that you can commit the same to me, or do not accept my ongoing contact, please break our network connection immediately or let me know and I will do so.

  • CURRENT. I will provide current information on my email address(es), other forms of contact as appropriate, and my availability either directly or through our mutual online network. I will make sure that my primary email address is current.
  • TIMELY. I will endeavor to process your online network requests on a timely basis. Sometimes this will be same day. Generally this will be 3 days or less. However in case of vacation, travel, or personal or business emergency, the delay may be up to 1-2 weeks.
  • CONTACTS. I will use the online network where we are connected for requests or contacts over that network. I will not ask you for email addresses of individuals unless you and I have a close relationship and there is an emergency.
  • UPDATES. Staying in touch with your contacts (or "pinging") is a fundamental part of networking. I will send you updates generally no more than once every one to three months. These updates may be of a personal, professional, or business nature. I invite you to similarly update me. If I contact you more frequently than an average of once a month, I will provide and use a separate opt-in process for such communications.
  • USE EMAIL. I will not use default forms for updates as they do not respect you and your time. They provide virtually no information and force you to start up your browser and then search for what is new on my profile. Instead I will provide the new information for the updates in the update email subject and body itself.
If you agree to this LinkedIn Personal Networking Contract, send an email to Then feel free to invite me to join your connections on LinkedIn.

If not, please break your connection with me on LinkedIn immediately.

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