Friday, July 14, 2006

FBI grapples with out-of-date computers | CNET

Having served 4 years of my 6 years in the USAF in a Top Secret SCI position which some deemed more important in some ways than the FBI, I have seen first hand how outdated upper management and congress overseers have no business managing technology of any kind.

As technology screems along at hyper speed, I doubt if there will ever be anyone in those levels qualified to manage such an important task.

Depending on how many PCs and how many mini-mainframes and other specialized systems there are in the FBI's inventory which need to be upgraded in this fiasco, I doub't that it should cost anywhere near $100 Million and instead Lockheed is getting $305 Million.

When will the government stop paying several thousand percent higher for prouducts and services than they need to be paying?

Until there are IT competent congressmen and judges and govenors and mayors, I have absolutely ZERO confidence in anything Tech related coming from those areas and the areas they influence.

My suggestion is to find those like me who are still red-blooded citizens after serving in TS SCI jobs who are technology competent and hire them as the heads of IT for important posts in government, but if and only if their non-techie supervisors can commit to let them run it the way they should and not have those IT Directors have to play patsy to the non-techies. And, ZERO jobs should go to LARGE company executives. Large company executives don't have any idea how to innovate and thus even if they are tech competent would only continue to incompetently manage our tax monies.

This is the voice of the technology generation. You'd better listen because whether you like it or not technology is now very important. Geeks Rise and take your rightful responsibilities in our country and the world!

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