Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Defiant N. Korea Fires Series of Missiles

I guess it is silly of my to complain about the media repeatedly beating the same small amount of information about this incident over and over since I am adding to the frey, but it has been interesting to watch CNNj and NHK here in Japan. One comment on Larry King was the effect that Kim Jong Il watches CNN closely to see what we think about what he does (as if that is the only meter). When I heard that, I immediately assumed that Kim also watches the Japanese, South Korean and Chinese news. If that is so, then the Japanese response is very likely weak at best. They continually talk about the issues as if American is the one who will handle it and softly criticize the North Korean regime. On the other hand even the commentators on Larry King flat out said that Kim has made his situation worse and not better and called it a provacative move. Hopefully Kim puts more emphasis on what he hears from America and doesn't enjoy the week Japanese response too much.
Either way, I say take him down and cut him off from the world. He is in NO way a leader, but only a petty criminal with a whole country under his thumb.

The usual asian response of crouching into a fetal position and turning the back on the bad guys is what has gotten Kim into power and kept him there. Asian countries need to consider the millions of their asian citizens who are dying or have died at the hands of this one of their worst criminals and stop playing patty cake with him!

Defiant N. Korea Fires Series of Missiles
ABC News - 35 minutes ago
US Ambassador to Japan Thomas Schieffer is mobbed by reporters after meeting with Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe at the prime minister's official residence in Tokyo Wednesday, July 5, 2006.
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