Tuesday, July 11, 2006

- Google News

The real secret is that Cellphone providers like Sprint use the same technology as Vonage does for their broadband VoIP service. So, there really isn't that much of a difference, or is there? Of course these phones below don't own the internet connection they are speaking on like Sprint does... So, quality is much harder to control, but someone will figure it out. Until then, first adoptors and early adoptors will take advantage of the low/no cost telephony with new features probably.

New VoIP Phones Take On High-End PSTN and Cellular Features
VoIP News, CA - 13 hours ago
New phones highlight the push for VoIP providers to move aggressively into more popular consumer markets, especially wireless. The ...
DLink’s Introduces New VoWiFi Phone
GigaOm, CA - Jul 10, 2006
WiFi phones are essentially changing the home-phone landscape, bringing cellular portability and cool into a realm that was once owned by the Bells and later ...

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