Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Google Checkout - Merchants

I honestly haven't been following every change at Google recently, or reading my feeds either. That is what being in Japan will do for you.

But, I did see this when I logged into adWords today and thought I'd share it.

Google is slowly but very certainly taking this segment over.

Google Checkout helps you increase sales.
And process them for free when you advertise with Google.

Every online merchant has two goals: sell more and spend less. Google Checkout™ is a new way to process transactions that helps you achieve both. Checkout works with Google's search advertising program, AdWords, to increase your sales and minimize your expenses throughout the online sales and marketing process.

Attract more leads.
Shoppers who see the Google Checkout™ badge on your AdWords ads will more easily find you when they search.
Convert more leads into sales.
A fast, secure checkout process helps persuade shoppers to buy on your site and buy more often.
Process sales for free.
For every $1 you spend on AdWords, you can process $10 in sales for free. For sales that exceed this amount or if you don't use AdWords, you can process them at a low 2% and $0.20 per transaction.
Protect yourself from fraud.
Our fraud prevention tools stop invalid orders from reaching you. And our Payment Guarantee policy helps protect you from chargebacks.

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