Saturday, May 27, 2006

Simple way to edit html emails for broadcasting to autoreponders

Do you have an html email you need to edit and get the html to put into your broadcast function of your autoresponder?

You can use the article posting functionality of to do this very easily.

I have the google toolbar and the blogger blog this icon enabled so that whatever I want to copy and past into a post editor really quick to make some changes and copy the html out for my autoresponder I can.

To get the google toolbar, you can go to and download the one right for your browser.

Once installed you might have to restart your browser for it to appear.  Then if you are using gmail or another web-based mail interface you can just select the text and graphics you want to work with, copy it, then past it into the rich text editor portion of the blog editor by clicking that blogger (orange button with white b) button which will pop up a new window and probably ask you to log into your blogger account.

Once you have it in the rich text part of the editor, you can make your changes, and then to get the html just hit the edit html link in the upper right and you will get the html you need to copy out and past into your autoresponder's message body.

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